Author Topic: 23xx Series - trying to find mods to change T/H polling rate  (Read 1172 times)

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I have a mix of Ambient (1) and LaCrosse 2310/15 (3) stations that I've started to fiddle with again - after about 6 or 7 years.

Way back in the past there was a post somewhere on one of the forums - Wxforum or Weather-Watch - about mod's to the 23xx series that would allow the polling frequency between the T/H unit and the console to be altered - effectively make it poll in the 3-4 second range, not the default 8 (busy) to 128 (V. calm) seconds range it defaults to.

Once upon a time I had the page /thread bookmarked, but over the passage of time and a couple of unplanned recovery / rebuilds I've lost it.   Does anyone remember this, and still have a link or pointer to the article / thread?  Sure would appreciate it as I've been given an okay to setup another station on the edge of the reservation, so I thought I'd use of of these 'spare' units (after recon and check out) to set it up.


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