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Bloom Sky Barometer Temperature Drift data
« on: February 28, 2016, 08:57:04 PM »
I've been taking data for about a week now, and with today's super warm day, I think I can call it a wrap for now.

My unit definitely has a strong error factor caused directly by outside air temperature.

My temperature error turns out to roughly follow a line.  The error is .0048" Hg per degree F, or about 0.05" Hg / 10 deg F.

So, for my unit, my barometer reading (iOS and Web, not WU or dashboard) is about +0.24" Hg in error at 15F (a lot) and near zero temperature caused error at about 65F.  In other words my barometer reading is a combination of a barometer measurement and to a lesser extent, a temperature measurement.

That error is on top of a scatter error (probably related to digitization resolution and sensor errors) of about +/- .02" Hg which would probably be considered  acceptable for this class of instrument.

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