Author Topic: Is there a way to post a Bloom Sky image to two diff (co-located) WU stations?  (Read 1113 times)

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My Bloom Sky Images post fine (as a WU webcam) to my Bloom Sky WU station page.

I would like to also display the Bloom Sky cam image on the front page of my RainWise WU underground page.  So far, WU does not seem to allow the same named web cam to display on two different station pages.

Is there anyway to post one webcam image to two different (co-located) WU pages?
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Hi Waysta, Yours is a new requirement that was not a planned feature when BloomSky and WU was discussing the integration point handling. We don't have control over how data are presented within WU platform. But I had passed on your question to my contact person in WU. Could you please send me an email at So that I can more promptly respond to your inquiries in the future? Thank you.

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I just ran into this, too.  It seems to be a wunderground limitation.

I've had my old web camera feeding two station IDs, though.  I used wunderground's URL method for that. 

I'm not sure you can do that with the ftp method, though.  If Bloomsky provided a URL for the image, then it should work.  Having a URL would also make it easy to put the image on our own web pages.

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They approved my camera too.
I now have the BloomSky CAM showing on both the Ambient and BloomSky stations.
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