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Wview on Debian/Raspbian
« on: January 18, 2016, 05:24:05 AM »
Hi there, I tried to find a dedicated Wview topic but failed...

I had Wview working well with my Raspberry Pi (B) for several months last year, connected to a Fine Offset WH1080. I then abandoned it after some stormy weather badly damaged all but the temperature/humidity sensor.

Having lost the SD card, (and because it was rather cold outside) I decided this weekend to rebuild the system but using a RPi 2. I quickly realised that Wview is not easily installed on Jessie so installed Wheezy onto a new microSD card. I then successfully installed Wview using the standard (apt) method.

I then configured Wview using the command line, telling it the height and position of the station and that it was a WH1080, all other parameters were kept as default.

It won't communicate with the hardware, shows itself stuck in a state of Starting. I tried issuing a Stop command followed by a Start command but it remained in a state of flux. I subsequently uninstalled with a purge and reinstalled - this made no difference.

I then tried installing on a Netbook running Ubuntu Saucy - wouldn't install.

I then tried installing on a RPi B on a fresh Wheezy installation. This initially showed promise, although strangely it seemed to be picking up inside temp but not outside temp. I then checked its configuration only to find it had selected Davis Vantage Pro even though I'd told it Fine Offset WH1080! Correcting this resulted in the same problems as with the RPi 2.

So, (if you're still with me), I'm wondering whether I should simply abandon Wview in favour of an alternative or are there any troubleshooting advice anyone can give?

Thanks for reading!