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re: 2811 winter project
« on: October 20, 2015, 08:13:45 AM »
Since I took this system our of service I would like to attempt cabling the wind sensor to
the temp/humid unit. Connecting the power between the units and disabling the useless
solar deal should not be an issue. Also connecting a remote reset button should not
be an issue either.  But signalling probably will be diff issue. I am a electronic
technician and have my own scopes, generators, etc. Am interested in info from anyone
who may have tried this. Doing this would eliminate some of the products biggest downfalls..
ie relying on solar power and the sketchy, easily interfered with wireless connection. I have nothing to
lose I have written it off as junk anyway. One should not have go up and down the ladder
as many times as I have had to for this unit. And is a very dangerous thing to do here in the winter so
the unit did not work through the winters here. Usually failed in mid November and could not get at
it again until late April.