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KNYROCHE41 version 2
« on: September 29, 2015, 05:14:33 PM »
I guess I should this at the beginning. Here's the new weather station! This replaces the Oregon WMR918 that's on the for sale forum.

First impression is holy cow that rain collector is huge!

A recent client provided me with the free packing material, reflective covered bubble wrap. That is perfect for the start of the reptile heater snow melter. The unit will be installed on a peak of the roof approximately 4-5 feet above the peak. I may increase this height to reduce heat soak from the asphalt shingles. It is in a good position for wind and for the weather camera.

Station will go into service in a couple weeks when all parts arrive. Also need to install an outlet in the soffit following NEC for damp location of course.

Davis Instruments VP2 serial
Digi Portserver TS1 (serial to ethernet gateway)
Samsung SCB-2000 Camera - really great at night, full color
Dell D600
"eBay" USB video capture dongle
Icom IC-228A 2m transceiver
homemade vertical dipole for 2m
Buxcomm interface

AGW Packet Engine (Software TNC for APRS)

All data goes out to Wunderground, CWOP, APRS to internet, APRS to RF over amateur radio.

Will post updates as they occur.

Not sure if I'll need a higher (longer pipe) mount on the roof will address that in upcoming post.

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Re: KNYROCHE41 version 2
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2015, 05:42:22 PM »
Congrats and good luck with your set up!

Davis 6153 VP2 with 24-hour FARS/
Davis 6250 Vantage Vue
CWOP: EW6360/EW6390

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update: KNYROCHE41 version 2
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2015, 04:27:55 PM »
It's up and collecting data! I realize that that the ISS is in a compromised position since it's mounted on the roof with the anenometer. My yard just doesn't have a clearing large enough. I have many trees around me that would created a rain shadow and this is the only open spot. Unfortunately none are strong or tall enough for a dipole antenna. OK, I admit I could've used the apex of the main roof but I don't have the proper PPE for working on that apex.

I followed the reptile heater instructions for the rain collector. I have metalized film bubble wrap instead of the "big box" store wrap. I used a Permatex Clear RTV silicone (Pepboys) to adhere the cutting board pieces to the collector. Time will only tell how it works. It's October in Rochester, NY so it could start snowing any day now. Instead of installing an soffit outlet I chose to run an extension cord in the J channel down to an outlet on the deck. I wrapped the cord in electrical tape and followed with a wrap of rubberized tape. It's under the eave so it should minimal moisture. At the outlet is a thermocube.

The station and webcam should start showing up on Wunderground soon.

One thing I found out with the Digi TS1 (serial to ethernet device) is that it provides me with 3 virtual serial ports to my device! That give me opportunities to try out different software in parallel. While I wouldn't suggest you go out and buy this particular model as it's quite pricey. I got it as a leftover from a previous project for a client. I can however recommend this:

I used this for many years with my OS weather station, for the price it can't be beat.

Note: Our wind/weather typically come from the west which is the direction you're looking in the picture. So the heat form that vent pipe will be blown away from the ISS.

Test: Oh, did I forget to say there'd be a test? Given this is 2015 with the information I've given you so far you should be able to give me pinpoint accuracy of the WX station location. Yep, I want color glossy photographs with pictures and arrows with a paragraph on the back of each one........ ;)
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