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re: old station vs new
« on: September 23, 2015, 08:26:21 PM »
Have an older cabled 1613 ($70.)for about 10 years and a newer 2811($249.) with solar powered wireless connected wind sensor for 4 years. Can you guess which one has given me less trouble? Despite loosing the anemometer blades during a winter blizzard/ice storm.... which is pretty normal winter weather here, finding the blades after the snow melted in the spring and reinstalled....yup, the 1613 wins.
The solar 2811 has been a joke and POS from day one. Sent it back to La crosse once because wind sensor would not link up. They sent back with new sensor saying I have to "keep the spiders out of it". Thats funny never had that problem with the $70. 1613. I have had to reset this thing so many times and now wind only works during the day (probably means rechargeable batteries are shot) and I now have the 1% humidity issue also also.
Forget La Crosse stuff for Canadian winters , especially on the east coast here....they just don't cut it.

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Re: re: old station vs new
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2015, 07:14:34 PM »
I 2nd this. Got a NIB LaCrosse WS-2510 about a week and a half ago. Already the light sensor has failed. Upon inspection last night found corrosion on the circuit board.

My first wireless station was a LaCrosse wind speed  (no direction) temperature, humidity station with optional rain gauge. Same thing, transmitter never worked and internal inspection revealed corrosion on the board. It and the 2510 would have been manufactured around circa 2005.

Lacrosse is junk.
Davis VP2+ with leaf/soil, extra temp/humid station custom wind. Purple Air PA-II. Boltek LD-250/Microsferics TOA kit. Excelvan/Fine Offset WH2310.
WD 10.37

I'm in the process of moving so this station may or may not be continued.