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LD-250 vs. LD-250B
« on: September 04, 2015, 01:52:55 PM »
Well, even though I am deep into Blitzortung there was a deal on eBay that I just couldn't pass up.

I got two LD-250 with two antenna, serial cables, power supplies, etc.
Just checked both with the "monitor noise" test and my trusty BBQ sparker. (I haven't hooked them up to the computer yet)

I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the "LD-250" and the "LD-250B". The "B" one actually has a pretty low serial number on it. I can tell that the "B" seems to be more noise immune than the non-B. The front panel doesn't make a distinction, only the bottom side label shows that it is an LD-250B.

Also, is the firmware field upgradable? The B has V2.0 firmware, the non-B has V.1.

I am sure I will have fun with this new toy. In re-reading the eBay listing it showed a "new" LD-250 and a "used" one. I knew that I was getting two antennas, but the 2nd unit was a pleasant bonus.

Bolteks seem to go fast on eBay. This was listed as a "Boltic" which is why it probably languished for several days before I hit the buy button. It reminds me of when I bought my son-in-law a Davis VP2 for cheap, because it was branded "WeatherBug" and didn't say "Davis" in the listing.

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