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My Official Contact Form
« on: May 30, 2015, 03:37:35 PM »
UPDATE: Due to the WeatherBug Community shut down, and PWS being transitioned under Earth Networks, I no longer currently have an "official contact form". Those needing assistance regarding their PWS and Earth Networks (formerly WeatherBug) can email my support email at pws[at]earthnetworks[dot]com (replace bracketed text with punctuation). PWS operators can access their PWS data at the PWS Graph at Official news concerning PWS for Earth Networks from this point forward will be at the PWS Twitter page @earthnetpws. I don't heavily monitor that Twitter page, so email me if you have support questions.

Hi everyone!

Just in case you need the direct link to my official contact form that goes into our support tracking software, here it is.

Any requests you fill out there instantly go to me, as well as they are stored in our support tracking software so I can manage all of our incoming cases. This is the same platform our other support teams use, so I am able to escalate cases to other departments as well in the event one comes into me.

You can still get my attention on here on the forums, but I wanted to provide my direct contact information for those that need it. We've switched to using the form versus giving out our email addresses to combat junk mail.

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