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Davis Vantage Vue data logger
« on: September 17, 2014, 09:22:16 PM »
I just received my first "decent " weather station, a Davis Vantage Vue. I have had several cheap stations, a cheap LaCrosse, a Zepher WA1080PC, which I dropped the display and broke it. So I ordered another one which was almost as cheap as just the display, But labeled Dr. Tech. Same model and freq 443mhz but the old transmitter wouldn't run it. Then the transmitter for this one stopped or the receiver stopped, so I ordered a another one but they sent a WA1080PC-T same freq, but again I could not pick up the new transmitter with the DR Tech console and the new one did not work with the new base station.

  So finally I bought the Davis Vantage Vue and received it today and found out that there is no computer interface. I guess I didn't read close enough.
   So I have been looking on this board and found that here have been a couple of data logging interfaces for DIY, The Blue Dot, The belfryboy. and I think one other, but the threads are not up to date. I have read most of the threads.
Can someone tell me if there is a diy that will work with this Vantage Vue 2014 model and which one and where can I find the info to order the pc boards and parts? I have no problems building or soldering.
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Re: Davis Vantage Vue data logger
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