Author Topic: New API for MetNo and YrNo forecasts. Old API now results in errors  (Read 744 times)

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As of today (Sept, 9 2014)  the 1.8 version of the YrNo MetNo API is non-functional anymore.
There are still forecast scripts which use this 1.8 version call and a small change makes these scripts, partly functional, again.

Scan the scripts source for a text string containing the version number. Should look like
. . . /weatherapi/locationforecast/1.8/?lat=   . . .
and change that
. . . /weatherapi/locationforecast/1.9/?lat=   . . .

Than check the scripts download location if a new version is available.

The 1.8 to 1.9 change also brings more weather-icons and a different naming of the conditions (ALL-CAPITAL to Camel-Case).

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