Author Topic: Trouble with Acurite Internet Bridge - solved  (Read 1284 times)

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Trouble with Acurite Internet Bridge - solved
« on: July 02, 2014, 09:08:16 PM »
I have loaded Meteobridge onto a TL-MR3020.  I have it setup for wireless network using a static IP address.  I can get to its webpages from a browser on my network.  I have it set to LAN bridge.

I also have an Acurite internet bridge and a 5-in-1 sensor.  With the internet bridge plugged into my router, I can browse to the internet bridge's status page.  It is also posting data to Acurite's website.

I unplugged the Acurite internet bridge from my router and plugged it into the Meteobridge.  The green light on the LAN port on the Acurite bridge is on, and the yellow light blinks a little bit, but not like it does when plugged into the router.  The blue lights are steady most of the time and blink a little bit every so often.  (They constantly blink when plugged into the router.)  The Meteobridge station page still has the Acurite bridge crossed out.  I selected it anyway.  It's not working.  No live data, nothing sent to Acurite, and I can't find the Acurite bridge web page on my local network.

What am I missing here?  Does the position of the three position switch on the 3020 make any difference?

On the 3020, the LAN light is on (flashes a little bit), the wireless light is on (flashes a good bit), the power light is on, and the button light is on.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Edit - I stumbled onto the solution.  It was my choice for the DNS IP address.  I thought that it must be okay since the Meteobridge was booting.  I changed it to the IP address of my router, and all is well now.
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