Author Topic: WS-1080/WS-1090 - has anyone managed to turn off the loud touchscreen "chirp"?  (Read 1129 times)

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I thought I saw a reference in one manual that you can turn off the loud "beep"/chirp when you touch a 1080/1090 touchscreen.  Unfortunately there's no indication how to turn it off.

Has anyone done it?

Thank you.

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I have been wondering the same, and I'm this close to opening up the casing of the receiver unit and either de-soldering the little buzzer, or putting a blob of glue over it.   ;)

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I know this is an old topic.  But my console has been activating the wind direction alarm on it's own.  I would deactivate it, but an hour later the icon was on again, and the alarm would go whenever there was a northern breeze.  Anyway, I searched high and low, and the folks at Tycon Power had no clue.  ](*,) Like the poster above me mentioned, I just opened it up and snipped the piezo buzzer off.  No more alarms, and that killed the beeping every time you touch the screen also. 

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