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Re: Network in Action! NEW
« Reply #75 on: May 22, 2014, 08:12:08 PM »
Thanks for the info Mike.

I thought that I was doing something wrong again.


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Ain't it great?  Part of the fun in this is learning a bunch of new things!  Some of it the hard way...  :oops:
I don't know what I'd done early on if it hadn't been for the original green station operators passing along clues, and hints. Don F and Greg H and I kinda worked through a lot of stuff early on with the reds, and I'd be in sorry shape without those two.
You "new folks" have a lot of help, don't ever hesitate to ask... we'll find some way to add to your confusion.

Don't forget, the Blitzortung forum up on the website. There are countless issues and resolutions and tips up there. Read it all.


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Re: Network in Action! NEW
« Reply #76 on: May 23, 2014, 01:12:30 AM »
Some observations during today's storm here in Nevada:
  • First of all - I'm not convinced the line colors (blue & green) are set for >500km and <500km respectively. I'm seeing many green lines that appear to be much longer than 500km in length. That value seems to be closer to 1000km.
  • It would be very nice to have an adjustable "persistence" settings for the strike lines. They disappear too fast to get a good look at them.
  • I would also love to have the capability to play-back the data from time A to time B.
  • I notice a station in Columbia (935) that is regularly detecting strikes throughout the US.
  • We had several strikes within a few miles of my location this afternoon. I detected none of them and, they never showed-up on Blitzortung at all.
  • About 2 seconds before the second bolt was observed, my station went into interference mode. It took another 10 to 15 seconds before it came out of interference mode. There was nothing observed before and after the first strike. The strikes were about 15-minutes apart. No flash was observed for either but the thunder shook the house.
1) You may be right,.. Tobi is still working on the script, but I believe those distance estimates are the general intent.
2) Tobi even turned off the 'persistence' in an effort to find solutions for some Apple products, and various browsers. It is browser intensive, and a few of us begged him to turn it and transparency back on. He's running a tough compromise right now, I think.
3)I'm not sure that could be possible, at current stage. Here's a quickie, though, if you want to manually do it: $40 if you purchase, or get a whole buncha stuff for $80. I'm sure there are other ways, possibly even free, but this is a darned handy product I've had for quite a while.
4) Yes, ain't it great? We've stations down in Brazil I'd love to see bounce up their gains enough also, and a couple in the islands... We also need to get some help for old Lonesome Stan Silversword out in Maui...
5) Station density, pure and simple. Rest of us eastward were pretty much swamped with Midwest cells... at one point, running gains near minimum, I was polling over 50,000 signals in an hour... I'm not sure, but I think #of stations currently required to track a stroke in US is 6 so and you were probably too close to count as a station... which gets us to
6) There's a whole buncha stuff in the flash before the actual discharge...  what I call 'precharge'... they're strong enough to trigger interference. If Egon had his way, we'd all be detecting and signaling some of those early events so his algorithms can get a super accurate "Time of Group Arrival".  I notice with my E field, what appear to me more triggers back way early in the "group", but this may be just an illusion, as I've not done that much experimenting with systems....

I do know that those filters Richo and the team designed are really brilliant. All ya gotta do is look at the spectrums compared to just loops. This is gonna help folks with specific and consistent interferences, when the gains and thresholds are fine tuned for their stations.

Have you taken these questions to the BO Forum? Why don't you do that, be interesting to see how my surmises fit the truth.. :roll:

Have posted the questions on the BO forum, as suggested...
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