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Odd strike ratio issue
« on: March 26, 2014, 04:11:10 PM »
I noticed my detection ratio was unusually low (station 681), especially since I cleaned up two major noise issues. One issue was related to a furnace motor, the other to grounding. After I cleared those up, the auto-noise floor adjust in manual mode kept me at 100% of my maximum relative gain. My strike ratio went back up to the 90%+ range.

Coincidentally, I am testing another station at my physical location. This is the US Cave City, Kentucky station that I built for another member and am testing. The GPS places his station at the same location as mine, of course, despite the database entry to the contrary.

It was when I put his station into service for testing at my location that the ratios of my station plummeted. On a hunch, I unplugged his station and my ratios promptly went back to the 90%s!

Is the server detecting that both stations are sending from the same IP address and "sharing" the strike data across them? Does it have something to do with the same reported GPS location? Each station has its own station ID of course.

It seems that this could be an issue for someone running an older green station in parallel with the new red.

Very odd......

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