Author Topic: Show 2nd "Extra Sensor" data on webpage?  (Read 1147 times)

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Show 2nd "Extra Sensor" data on webpage?
« on: March 22, 2014, 09:22:53 AM »
Could someone give me a link to a webpage that is using the "Extra Sensors" option in Cumulus to present a second temperature reading?  I'm trying to decide whether to purchase a second sensor and install it in my attic or simply buy a less expensive stand-alone wireless thermometer to monitor the temp up there (summers can be *hot* and humid here!).

I will mention, too, that I am using the Saratoga templates.

PS... Talk about needing to wait until after the first cup of coffee!!!  I had posted this to Sandysoft this past Thursday, but hadn't gotten a response so I figured I'd post it here.  I was on the Sandysoft page so I just copied the post above and pasted into the message editor here.  Then suddenly I "realized" I had posted the same message to Sandysoft so I deleted the duplicate, only to realize that I had done exactly what I wanted to and had actually posted it here...result: I deleted the original on Sandysoft.<duuuuuhhhhhhhh>  #-o  Anyhow, it'd been over 48 hours and no response so no great loss. ;)  Anybody want to play a game of "Who's on first?".  :lol:
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