Author Topic: Testing my Blitzortung station  (Read 1090 times)

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Testing my Blitzortung station
« on: March 11, 2014, 07:16:05 AM »

My name is Stijn. Last week I finished my Blitzortung lightning detector.
I am still testing my setup. I have some questions about my setup and I hope you guys can help me to improve my station!

I have a RED system with FW 6.7. There is an amplifier version 12.3 connected to the controller. I am using two 12CM shielded ferrite antenna' which are located in the loft of my house. The controller is set to Automatic Mode.

My station statistics:

According to the graph below I have the idea that my station has a very poor performance. Or I do not interpret the graph properly?

How can I improve my station?

Some questions:
1. When I move my antenna's outdoor, will it improve the stroke detection ratio?
2. I have connected the wires from the shielding to the GND antenna connector on the amplifier board. Is that correct? Or should I connect it to the GND terminal on the controller board?
3. I have connected the controller board to my heater. Will that affect the performance of my station?
4. Should there be an air gap between the ferrite antenna's and the shielding? I have bought ferrite antenna's which are protected with a white plastic tube.