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Where Are They Now?
« on: January 13, 2014, 03:09:21 AM »
I thought this might be a pretty good idea for a thread after seeing familiar faces popping up in unfamiliar places recently. If you know of a nationally known weather personality making a change, let it be known in this thread.

This week, Florida meteorologist Kait Parker will make her Weather Channel debut. She's already said that it will be the same day TWC goes black on DirecTV if something is not worked out.

I did not know this until tonight, but former Weather Channel OCMs Nicole Mitchell and Eboni Deon have both gotten spots at Al Jazeera America. Even though AJA is just like CNN and Fox News in that meteorologists might as well be set dressing, it is nice that both are able to continue their careers, especially Mitchell who was one of the best meteorologists TWC had to offer, in my own humble opinion.

Finally, here is a blast from the past that I happened across tonight: Cheryl Lemke (who still refuses to age, and looks almost exactly like she did when I first laid eyes on her way back in *cough cough*) is doing weather for WOWT in Nebraska.

You can see one of her most recent forecasts here: