Author Topic: Confusing Situation/Erroneous Data  (Read 1693 times)

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Confusing Situation/Erroneous Data
« on: August 04, 2008, 11:34:15 AM »
System is a VP2 w/ two consoles and WeatherLink v5.7.1. Yesterday, during a thunderstrom, console 1 went offline. Console 2 remained online. By the time I got console 1 back online it began recording the storm totals as of the time it came back online. Therefore console one recorded .33" and console 2 recorded .68" which is the correct amount.
Also effected when console 1 came back online was the barometric pressure reading which read atmospheric pressure instead of corrected sea level pressure.
My data from console 1 is what drives WeatherLink, the Weather Underground and CWOP. Is it possible without further corrupting data to switch out the consoles so that console 2 would drive the applications? If so would this rewrite/correct the information for any or all the applications? Since this sounds like a "too good to be true" solution how else could the data be modified in order for console 1 and WeatherLink to report the correct data? Also, is it possible to correct Weather Underground and CWOP data?

Thanks for your help.

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