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Output buffer too small for block
« on: March 23, 2012, 02:22:20 PM »
Hello all,

I purchased VVP a few weeks back, and have been running WeatherLink and Cumulus without issues.
Earlier in the week I installed WeatherDisplay and now get a warning in VVP a few minutes after starting up WD.
WD starts up, reads archived data and begins to read current weather without issue.  Then after a few minutes, it throws the Output buffer too small for block warning and nothing is updating in WD.
I have tried restarting the WD Virtual Console in VVP to no avail.  Only will begin reading current weather again after I shut down the computer and restart everything again.  But then again, only works for a few minutes before VVP starts throwing the error and WD doesn't update any longer.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Edit - Ok so I did try restarting the Virtual console and it does kick WD back into action again, but fails again after a few min.
I saw another Error - PreCondition - TVirtualVp.Receive:PreCondition 1 failed.  Works for a few minutes, but then locks up WD again, unless I restart the Virtual Console.  Frustrating. 
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