Author Topic: Will disruptive, snowy weather affect the UK this winter???  (Read 769 times)

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Will disruptive, snowy weather affect the UK this winter???
« on: January 05, 2012, 07:42:32 PM »
Was a mild December with hardly any snow at all, now people are saying that the rest of the winter will stay mild  ](*,)

I disagree, just because December was mild it doesn't mean that January and February are going to be.
Actually the NAO is becoming negative and the AO is weakening. Both GFS and ECMWF charts are showing cold air sinking south over the UK in the recent updates, predicting it from the 15th January. The 500mb charts are also showing signs of changing.

Just in case you where wondering i am an amateur forecaster and i predicted that January would start off mild (it didn't, got that wrong). I said that the best chance of an disruptive weather occurring would happen in the second week of January. There is a lot of suggestion towards this, so i am hoping it happens

What do you guys think??

Do you think UK will see disruptive weather and if so when do you think is the most likely time for it to happen??

Any other models or charts i could take a look at apart from the ones i stated above that might help me forecast the weath?


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