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Re: Alternative-Dashboard Version 6.21
« Reply #675 on: May 14, 2012, 09:44:54 PM »
I've got the pre-release version on what I will be calling 6.70 up and running on my site with the new soil images (can see more of them on the soil page too).  It has new icons for Station Records separate from Weather-Underground (official, since they usually come from a NWS site in the USA).  I made it so you can show the readings under the temperature either from WU or your station (if you have 2 years of data or more) like before but now you can show the record Icon for one, both or none. 

I've also added in the Solar switching icon from Jerry Wilkins (with his permission, thanks Jerry!) and all the neat things that can do.  There are several changes for the config file too. 

This version is also up-to-date with most of Ken's changes, many minor changes (dew point arrow, _ in one reading, etc) and some cosmetic changes as well.  This new version will now become the only version 6.xx version I will support. 

You can see the pre-release version on my site now.  I plan to release it on Wednesday as soon as I hear from one more user about one last issue.  Whew!


PS:  Still time to drop notes on anything I may have missed! :shock: (Formally Webster Weather LIVE)
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