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pMeasuring snowfall accurately, But a slight Problem ...
« on: July 23, 2014, 04:36:24 PM »
I hope that this is the correct topic to post this. so here goes.

I am getting ready for the winter season. (I Know its July here in the USA) but doing it now, will let me enjoy the rest of the summer.  So here is the question I have.

I have built a snow board to measure the snow fall, by web cam.  The Problem I have. is I can not directly place it on the ground, between the houses here.  Basically I have a situation. between the houses it is about 55 to 60 feet, (North to South Spacing) and a clear view ( West to East Spacing ) is about 100 feet in either direction.  I know the East / West thing is not good to get a accurate reading. due to Drifts & Blowing Snow. Their in lies the problem.   

However,  (and I can not find it anywhere on the internet) but what if I were to place the snow board on a roof, with access to it to clean and such.  would this be possible to do? or some other way to get the accurate measurements of the precip.????

Does anyone else have a idea that may help me out here with this question?  even if it does not include a snow board as NOAA suggests on their site.  Also, if I may add.  something simple as well.  I am handicapped (in the winter I tend to have a rotten time walking) not to mention the pain in my back and legs.    Anything helpful would be appreciated for my situation (measurement wise. and if possible, easy for me to get to it.

Again, if I posted this incorrectly. I am sorry. I could not see a good place for it.   Also thank you in advance. 
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