Author Topic: Acu-rite 1035, My Backyard Weather and Wunderground  (Read 16629 times)

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Re: Acu-rite 1035, My Backyard Weather and Wunderground
« Reply #25 on: January 19, 2012, 10:05:59 PM »
Actually I never had a problem with the service running and uploading to wunderground or MBW. It is the quality of the software I have a problem with. I have XP Pro 32 bit. The service ran until it filled the monitors internal memory then stopped sending data. I sorted that out but the pressure was always off. I could never figure out why the monitor, MBW and Wunderground all listed different values. IMO MBW is riddled with bugs. The wind direction was all over the place (Weather Display is much more consistent). No wind gust data was sent and the rainfall data was not sent to wunderground either. MBW would list min/max pressure and temperature values that one might experience on Venus. The company is working on a fix but my experience is if the product is released with fundamental issues or lacking fundamental functionality it is not long before the free enterprise system moves on to a better product. They would have been better off focusing on the host software and forgetting about MBW. I have a feeling rev 2 will be released and rev 1 owners will be left out in the cold ... to borrow a weather pun.  :)

I had Acu-Rite's "Weather Center" running continuously from December 12 until last week and it was still off by 5 hPa. Right now I am running a Weather Display trial. "Weather Center" is a highly ambitious name for what it does ... Configure your MBW account and start the service.

No word on when the new host software will be released. This item went on sale in November so it is getting late in the game!

I am trying to be patient but I will decide if I keep this device once I see the new software in action.