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That tower's not going nowhere.  I see where the slab could be a big heat sink now.
My suggestion is to have weather station off to side somewhere and just use tower for anemometer.  Rain gauge needs mounted at about 3' elevation anyway.
In case someone else has this same problem, I emailed Ambient Weather about this problem and they are going to issue and RMA for my sensor. Hope that solves that problem.

Now, if the connection to Wunderground would lose its occasional flakiness . . .

Weather Station Pictures / Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)
« Last post by JayTees on Today at 10:23:44 AM »
Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)

Thought I would share my photos (should be attached). Not a perfect installation, but, about as good as I'm going to get at my house.
  • Main Unit pole mounted about 5' above roof ridge
    Outdoor Temperature/Hygrometer/Barometer unit mounted under eaves, on the North side of the house.
    Also indoor Temperature/Hygrometer/Barometer unit

Shared through Weather Underground and monitored on Wunderground seems to be a little flaky sometimes, not reporting current data when I can see it on


Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: no new data to download
« Last post by WiFiLogger on Today at 10:22:23 AM »
I have borrow a picture from Torkel M. Jodalen manual
and make my own photo.

Check voltage between 3v and GND while console is working.
Other pins check when you unplug all power sources.
Multimetr has continuity testing function (beep when short), use that to check pins connection.
Check color on a photo, and check if it has connection with same color on MCU pin.

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I got 4 sections from the guy on Craigslist.
One section and a little bend in the most end rung so I used that for the bottom piece and buried half of that section. The Rohn engineers give pretty exact instructions on the the hole size and rebar (#7).
I figured they sell those 5' sections for burying so I went with 5' of the first section with the bent rung.
I'm not real good with my tractor so the hole got a bit bigger than they call for. Instead of close to 6 yards it wound up being closer to 10.
Oh well. I always tend to overbuild.

Weather Web Resources / Re: Best Android Weather Station App?
« Last post by Bushman on Today at 10:12:08 AM »
HAve you tried the autorefresh apps?  Or run inside Chrome via ?
Other Weather Station Hardware / Re: Peet Brothers-- current users
« Last post by DaleReid on Today at 09:59:23 AM »
Well, then, I guess I missed some point that is actually very important.

I haven't read much about the company, it's ownership, future vision and all.

Were these some other forums which discussed this?  Was it in an amateur publication or circulation?

I'm not planning on much more wx stuff at this stage of the hobby, but would be very interested where the current owners stand on continuing support, new development, and so on.  Thanks for the clarification.  Dale
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: no new data to download
« Last post by negussolo on Today at 09:55:21 AM »
We misunderstand.
first step:
send CLRLOG[0A] - to clear memory. Just once.

second step:
after about 30-60min return to console with DMP[0A] command to check if there is any data.

I got it ! It's underway


There is 7 pins on the  expansion port to connect to the flash memory.
First thing check if pins are straight. They are on 99.99%, but we have to be sure.

Next step is depending on you. Do you have multimeter and you don't afraid to open your console?
You need to check connection between pins and MCU on the mother board.
Do you have any electronics skilled friend?


I have checked pins several times and they seem to be ok .
I have a multimeter. I'am not afraid to open the console but I'm not an expert in electronics. I'am an old retired pilot and some say that pilot's brain is only for decoration ! :grin: :grin:
But I may have an electronics skilled friend. Just tell me what we have to do and he will come to me tomorrow I hope

Thank you again for your time Wojtek
Better yet!  How far down did you bury it?  I have guys on mine but am only 4' into the ground.

WeatherUnderground / Re: Roku WU App removed
« Last post by johnall203b on Today at 09:40:38 AM »
Weather Underground should release the code for the roku app to the community to maintain.  They might not have the resources inside their organization to keep this app going but there are lot of people who love the simplistic interface and quick radar and satellite images.  I'm sure we have some developers that would like to take it and run with it.
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