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AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Access and meteobridge
« Last post by Jcsf420 on Today at 08:00:08 AM »
Yes it sounds like USB mode 3 option is not good for your current setup. Help me understand how your setup works since I never had the SmartHub in my Accurite rig. Where do you make the selection for which sensor reports to WU or other services via Meteobridge? It must be in the SmartHub since I don't see that option in the Meteobridge software. Am I understanding this correctly? Or do you get any additional selections, like you do with Davis, when you select the Accurite Internet Bridge on the weather station page of the Meteobridge?

It sounds like you probably already know this info but I'll tell you what I did when moving to the Ambient 2902 array just in case you do not. I never used the Accurite display to view my weather data and didn't want one from Ambient either so I was thrilled to see them selling the WS-1550-IP for $91.00, which is the 2902 array with the observerIP. The only additional item needed was a WH32B for the barometer, also adds indoor temp and humidity, for $15.

If you can't get your Accurite setup to work the way you want, I think this option is a pretty good compromise at an affordably price. Since the temperature accuracy of the 2902 array is reported to be more accurate across the board when compared to the 5in1 you may be able to do without your separate sensor, the only item left to deal with is the rain sensor. Its only a guess at this point, maybe others can chime in that have had the 2902 longer, but the design of the 2902 looks like it will be better in the spider department than the 5in1 is.

Its a shame that I've already given away my Accurite setup to a friend whose station died or I would give it to you to play with. It would be interesting to test if the temp, humidity and rain gauge could be disabled on the 5in1 to see if the display panel would pickup the readings from your shielded tower, 899 rain gauge and wind speed and direction from the 5in1. If it worked then you can use USB mode 3 to get the info into your Meteobridge. Wouldn't that be nice!

Good luck
Rainwise Weather Stations / Re: Battery charging not working any more
« Last post by pwdiver on Today at 07:41:04 AM »
I had similar problem got tired of taking the weather station down every 2 or 3 months so I removed the battery and ran speaker wire into the station and now my battery set's at eye level and i can change out the battery in less than a minute. my station is a old one but it still functions pretty good
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by theliman on Today at 07:04:43 AM »
Hi Folks

Apologies for drifting away from this thread.  Ben has as many of you noticed left the company.  I'm not sure who sean is.  No one by that name has been at WU for a while.

Anyway.  I'm looking into why some stations that should be appearing on the wundermap are not.  Specifically ISTOCKPO4 is confusing me.    Hopefully we'll have this resolved soon.

When you have a moment, could you touch on this question I had from another thread?

I've had a PWS on Wunderground reporting for about a year now. New guy popped up a week ago a couple of blocks over - he needs to get off my turf! (no no, it's very exciting and good for the community). Anyway, on the map his PWS circle overlaps mine, and his is the "full circle" on top. Zoom out, and I'm completely covered! How does this work? I call seniority!

Also - there is another weather station that put their icon near mine, while their location is 5-10 miles away. Their temperatures are frequently different from the rest of ours on the map because of this. Does reporting the bad data actually do anything? Any other way to get the location moved to be accurate?
I get the same too, no tab, and links
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by editorizer on Today at 06:07:08 AM »
Just for fun I set up an IFTTT Applelet that tells Alexa to set my smart lights a certain color according to the weather. The function works just fine. The Applelet will ask me if I want to view on WU. When I go to weather underground it takes me to my PWS in browser (not the app) and my station is there but not on the small map. See 2 attached screen captures. Further when I open the WU APP - see 1 attached screen capture - my station is there but Not on the map. So it looks like to me - WU needs to fix far more than just Wundermap. Our androids and iphones are relying on APPS and phone versions of websites. This is primarily what people use these days.
Hi, everyone

We're ecowitt and focus on weather instruments.:)
We have recently developed the WI-FI Weather Sensor Series, including the following:
1. GW1000 WIFI Gateway:
2. WH31 Multi-Channel Temp&Humidity Sensor:
3. WH40 Rain Gauge Sensor:
4. WH41 PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor:
5. WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor:
6. WH32 Outdoor Temp&Humidity Sensor:

We'd like to send some samples to people who might be interested to exchange a video or post+pictures review on our website/social medias.
All your good suggestions about the new products are welcomed and we'll try our best to improve the products.:)

Please PM me.:)
I tried to load info from your website. The pages load extremely slow, although I have  a high-speed connection 

You use images, like this one  which are 1000*1000 pixels but are shown in 457*457 pixels. And there are 6 or 7 of these images on one page. Also it seems that all images must be loaded before the rest of the page is shown.
Visiting the site a second time gives normal response times as the images come from the browser cache.
That is probably why you do not find the load-times bad when  you are visiting your own website.

The main-page  load takes 38 seconds.
Thank you, Paul!  :grin: :grin:

I have tried the Wireless PM2.5 and soil moisture sensors, along with the WiFi gateway.  Quite simple to setup the sensors and gateway. 

The gateway has inside temp and hum as well as pressure, which needs a SL calibration.  These track very close to my Davis Vue console.

Too cold to set the soil moisture probe outside so have it in an inside flower pot and that seems very good.  I do have the air sensor outside and has been in our -23.3C last night and all is ok!

Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Vue 6250 - problems
« Last post by Mattk on Today at 04:39:18 AM »
Certainly sounds like a Tx/Rx mismatch re the reception, assume the new battery is the right way around? Pressing the white button once when the new battery was installed would not have changed the TX ID as it requires a very deliberate action to do that. If the TX was ID1 have you set the console back to ID#1 and give it time to acquire?

With regard the WiFi strength isn't an issue, what has the Ubiquiti network got to do with the ISS/Console reception?   
For Wednesday - January 23, 2019 !

Here`s Wednesday - January 23, 2019`s

Lowest Barometric Pressure : 29.83″ at 12 3 p.m.
Highest Barometric Pressure : 29.98″ at 12 a.m.

Lowest Relative Humidity : 76% at 11:59 p.m.
Highest Relative Humidity : 100% at 8, 9, 11 a.m.

Lowest Dew Point Temperature : 24 at 11:59 p.m.
Highest Dew Point Temperature : 52 at 7 a.m. 12 p.m.

Lowest Wind Speed  : S 5 m.p.h. at 11 a.m.
Highest Wind Gust : S  33 m.p.h. at 3:40 a.m.

Lo : 31 
Normal : 28
Record Warmest : 62 In 1967 !
Record Coldest : -11 In 1963 !

Hi : 56
Normal : 48
Record Hottest : 73 In 1967 !
Record Coldest : 17 In 2003 !

Rainfall  : 0.71″  Daily Normal 0.13″ Rain fell during the 12 2 a.m., 7 a.m. 2 p.m. hours here in Bemis, TN

Record Wettest : 1.34 In 1996 !

Snowfall Record  2″  in 1956 & 1963 !

January`s Total To Date : 5.03″ In Bemis, TN. Normal 2.95″

2019`s : Total to Date : 5.03″  Normal 2.95″

January 23, 2018 : Lo : 26 : Hi : 46 : Rainfall : 0.00

January 23, 2017 : Lo : 33  : Hi : 55 : Rainfall : 0.00

January 23, 2016 : Lo : 19  : Hi : 34: Rainfall : 0.00

January 23, 2015 : Lo : 30 : Hi :39 : Rainfall : 0.16″ 0.04″ was melted snow

January 23, 2014 : Lo : 10 : Hi : 25 : Rainfall : 0.00

January 23, 2013 : Lo : 22 : Hi : 56 : Rainfall : 0.00

January 23, 2012 : Lo : 33 : Hi : 60 : Rainfall : 0.10″

January 23, 2011 : Lo : 23 : Hi : 44 : Rainfall : 0.00

January 23, 2010 : Lo : 44  Hi : 61 : Rainfall : 0.67″

January 23, 2009 : Lo : 41 : Hi : 69  : Rainfall : 0.00

January 23, 2008 : Lo : 23 : Hi : 40 : Rainfall : 0.00

West TN`s Coldest Lo 31 at Bemis, Jackson, TN

West TN`s Hottest Hi  57 at Savannah, TN

U. S. Highest Temperature for Wednesday, January 23, 2019
83 at Naples, FL
83 at Sarasota/Bradenton, FL

U. S. Lowest Temperature for Wednesday, January 23, 2019
-24 at Alamosa, CO
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by Ray Proudfoot on Today at 04:20:52 AM »
Perhaps WU staff could now look at why the map double loads. It appears then goes blank then loads again.
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