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Title: La Crosse WS-2306 sensor issues
Post by: Matt.j5b on December 30, 2017, 06:21:13 AM
I have a La Crosse WS-2306 and the wind sensor (TX20) doesn't transmit any wind direction readings to the base station. It now only constantly registers W/SW and that has been the case since December 24. The wind vanes moves freely in the wind and when I turn it. I have also changed the batteries in the temperature and humidity sensor (WS2300-25S) and a quick check of the cable doesn't show any obvious damage. The wind speed has however hasn't been affected and records correctly. I have used this station and its sensors since October 2011 and the wind sensor has recorded about 100,000 kms of wind run in that time. There hasn't been any issues with the correct operation of the wind sensor until now.

Is there anything else I can do to get this working or is a replacement required. I do also have a separate issue with the rain gauge (WS2300-16) with a rusting magnet that been occurring in the last 12 months. I have an another station that is 18 months older, a WS1600-IT La Crosse station with TX-26 rain gauge also developed a rusted magnet (small magnet on the top of the tipping buckets) which now no longer transmits the rainfall to the base station. Whether the rust caused its failure or whether the WS2300-16 rain gauge will also fail (which I think it might) due to its rust developing I don't sure. Thoughts on these issues would be appreciated.
Title: Re: La Crosse WS-2306 sensor issues
Post by: Matt.j5b on January 04, 2018, 08:52:17 PM
Seeing that no one has replied, I would think there isn't anything else I can do to get the wind direction working again. :sad: I had absolutely no issues with the wind sensor til this issue (for just over 6 years).  But knowing that this a relatively cheap entry level system I have done extremely well for it to last this long. Therefore replacement is probably the only solution.

I do also have the rain gauge issue as well though I not sure how long that gauge will last. As I mentioned before the magnet is forming rust and and older rain gauge with an another La Crosse station also developed this rust. When this older station magnet was really corroded it recorded less and less rainfall (compared to a manual gauge and the La Crosse gauge). In the last few months it has measured nothing and there has been 45 mm in the last week (from the working La Crosse station). Whether the failure of the older gauge was caused by the corrosion or was a coincidence when something else failed I am not sure.

But based on the rate the newer gauge corrosion is progressing it should start to fail mid year (which I have been hoping it would last until) when I will probably need to replace the whole station as there as some minor troubles/ annoyances with the console and the PC interface side of this station also. I could replace the wind sensor with a new replacement sensor (the TX20 is still available) in the meantime but I am concerned about the issues of this brand that people report and that the replacement may not work or fail. Any thoughts?. Thanks.
Title: Re: La Crosse WS-2306 sensor issues
Post by: themrburns on January 05, 2018, 12:27:09 PM
HI Matt,

Here is a link to a Aussie replacement that will allow you to get back up and running in full, then you can strip and refurb the older TX20 at your leisure.  This way you won't be down for long.


Alternative its a new system. :(

6 years is great value out your La Crosse system,  My La Crosse lasted similar but now I have upgraded to a VP2.  The La Crosse is far better value but reading that others have had 15 years out of their VPs I thought I would take a chance, especially with spares being widely available :)
Title: Re: La Crosse WS-2306 sensor issues
Post by: Matt.j5b on January 05, 2018, 07:07:02 PM
Thanks your thoughts. I aware of that link and getting a replacement would be not too hard. I am however I little unsure from hearing trouble people have with La Crosse products whether this is a good idea. Also the TX20 sensor I have has only half failed with the direction stuck on one direction but the wind speed works correctly. So it's seems a bit wasteful replacing the unit but replacing is the only way I see it to limit the wind direction downtime :roll: An older station that has a TX23 (which this station won't accept readings from) is working correctly for both wind direction and speed and is 18 months older (almost 8 years in use). This older station is giving me 3 hourly wind direction wind readings which is sort-of substitute but of course nothing like the data collected from the WS-2306 through the PC.

Also with the rain gauge possible to fail soon (the magnet corrosion :?:), at which point I would replace the whole system, there may not be any point in replacing the TX20. As I have said previously I have been expecting the rain gauge to fail around the middle of the year simply based on the rate of the corrosion compared to an older failed La Crosse rain gauge (TX26). The replacement wind sensor would be used for no longer than 6 months unless the rain gauge last longer but I think that is unlikely. The older rain gauge magnet corroded and gradually stopped working. Many years ago I also purchased a wireless rain gauge of La Crosse which stopped working, the wireless signal failed and it's magnet also corroded as well. And as for replacement hopefully not before mid year, I might not get another La Crosse again and possibly a VP2 to have a more reliable system and with a better PC interface than this station. Thanks.
Title: Re: La Crosse WS-2306 sensor issues
Post by: Matt.j5b on January 11, 2018, 06:07:30 AM
I have using the 3 hourly spot wind direction readings from the older station as a temporary replacement. I have also added a daily updated table for the current month on the homepage of my site of this data. That should be a reasonable substitute until I replace the station mid year probably with a VP2 as I rather not get another La Crosse station. The wind direction data however on the rest of the website is obvious incorrect but there little I do to fix that. 
Title: Re: La Crosse WS-2306 sensor issues
Post by: Matt.j5b on January 15, 2018, 07:15:40 AM
The wind direction started working during the night after a decent wind change and then stopped after the sun rose in the morning. Tonight the wind direction is back when it was dark and which coincided with nautical twilight. It seems to also be related to moonlight as we are approaching new moon and until the last few days was rising during the night. Anyone have any idea what is going on. The wind direction can be viewed here (http://brisbanelocalweather.heliohost.org/trends.htm).
Title: Re: La Crosse WS-2306 sensor issues
Post by: Matt.j5b on January 16, 2018, 05:51:44 AM
I took a look at the sensor and I did finally manage to find how the light is getting in. There is a fine crack around most of the top outside edge of the main body of the sensor (right below the wind vane). I sealed that with Duct tape to keep out the rain. I quite surprised of this deterioration which is also happening at other places on the sensor as well.  The wind direction worked all night and then stopped with daylight. Tonight it's not working but there much less wind tonight. It quite obvious that the wind direction will only work on moonless night possibly only with a decent wind. ](*,)