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Air Quality Sensors / Re: PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor
« Last post by johnd on Today at 03:52:45 AM »
Mark, I can reach it reasonably OK from here (via Google DNS). But it's definitely a slow site both to return from DNS look-up and then to load. Has the feel of a site hosted somewhere in the Far East but whether that's true or not I don't know and it could just be a slow server located almost anywhere.
So I just got on to my Weatherlink software on my home PC and went to download the logger like I do about every couple of months so the logger doesn't get to full. As usual a dialog box appears...says downloading 150 pages (or whatever), BUT there is no data. If I make a plot the page loads to the year 2089 or 2150 or something and after scrolling back to 2018, all plots stop at 7:15 pm July 18th... the time and day I removed weatherlinkIP and plugged in Wifilogger.
Any Idea what I might have done wrong here? Am I supposed to even be getting logged archive data via wetherlink like before? i thought I would.

Bobvelle you had this problem, because it is possible that you have unit which was not clear before shipping. I am sorry because of that.
I will need to add this point to quick manual, to clear arch memory before use. WeatherLink is asking for clearing arch. memory very often.
Severe Weather / Re: SPC Moderate Risk, 7/20; KY, TN, MS, AL, IN, IL
« Last post by WeatherHost on Today at 03:06:34 AM »
Near total Bust for me.  Other areas got hit, but I got a few passing clouds and the pavement sprinkled.

Good thing.  Too many storms recently for my tastes.
Air Quality Sensors / Re: PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor
« Last post by Lucy on Today at 01:50:30 AM »
Hi, Mark

We're working on it now.

Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Spring/Summer '18
« Last post by Bunty on Today at 01:09:54 AM »
Looking at Stillwater 109F 113 heat index at airport. Ouch! keep it down in Oklahoma..We had 112 ambient airport 108 at my station last year & no fun, doesn't take much humidity to make it feel real bad.

Friday high at my station was 109.5.  Heat made turnpike buckle again with pictures:
Just to make sure you have the right settings checked.
Under Wi-FI setup scroll all the way to the bottom. Under TCP settings make sure you have 22222 in the box. Click save.
Next go to the System page. Under TCP select Auto-Pause. Click save.
Next open Weatherlink but do not download any data. Click Set Up and go to Communications Port. In the Communications box make sure TCP/IP is checked. Under the TCP/IP Connections box make sure you have  22222 as the TCP port number.  Under Remote IP Address put this number. Click OK at the top.
Before you do download anything  though delete those bad years.   Have to get rid of that bad data.
Hopefully that helps.

Thanks Ocala,
All the setting are correct..but you said to get rid of those future years, but I wasn't sure how to do do that.Turns out I had to go into Weatherlink File menu and under 'Clear', I chose to 'clear all archive data'. That seems to have did it. After downloading the archive again, the extra 112 years were gone and the data for the last 15min interval was plotted.  :grin: Lost a couple days but Oh well.
GR, as all precip will be in the conditions. The size will be in the remarks only.

That notification, as is par for the course with all governmental statements, is murky at best about it.
Only 212F sounds like a plan. I have some of the correct bags non gaseous for Re-Hydration and wet rag.

Reconditioning Procedure
As stated above extreme conditions or exposure to solvent vapors may offset the sensor. The following reconditioning procedure may bring the sensor back to calibration state:
Baking: 100 105C at < 5%RH for 10h
Re-Hydration: 20 30C at ~ 75%RH for 12h 1.
I inferred from the docs that baking could be done with a mounted sensor. It's only at ~100c for 10 hours, so it shouldn't hurt anything, board or cable. The tough part would be holding that temp pretty close. Hmmm. Maybe in a crock pot on low with a thermometer to monitor the tmep. The thermal mass should be great enough that you could manually control it.

Interesting... The reconditioning for the SHT1x series is slightly different:

Conditions outside the recommended range may
temporarily offset the RH signal up to 3%RH. After return
to normal conditions it will slowly return close to calibration
state by itself.
To accelerate this process we recommend the following
reconditioning procedure:
90C at <5%RH for 24h followed by
20-30C at >74%RH for 48h

Weather Web Site Help / Re: SSL Certificate and secure site
« Last post by saratogaWX on Yesterday at 11:27:22 PM »
I use LetsEncrypt certs on all the sites on my VPS (the Plesk panel has great integration for that).  For the shared server, I have a DigiCert from 1and1 (and did a second for which shares the server).  1and1 shared servers do not allow for LetsEncrypt certs (grumble).

On a GoDaddy shared site with cPanel, it's possible (and quite complicated) to have use letsencrypt generate a set of certs for your site and you install them using the GoDaddy cPanel -- a pain, but doable.

On Dreamhost, I have LetsEncrypt certs on sites there -- easy integration with their admin panel.

Other hosters may just want you to buy a cert through them and not allow independently generated certs.
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