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That looks great!

Btw, you can easily get the API ID for any station by clicking on one here:

The ID is is in the url after clicking on a station like so detailsshowing=2812

Thanks a lot for adding this.
ok thanks for the email i used the google doc info and your ID

just uses a simple php json script.

its color coded accordingly i will polish it off next week and see if I can see other data from other users .

so not owning one I am your mercy on particular values it delivers and what would be displayed , i see other API data from
breezometer,aqicn,airnav there is more data .

anyway look out it for next week im guessing a top module option also would be a good option but this needs to be inserted
to the setup screen to allow non puprleair owners to disable.

many thanks for the quick response .will send along next week. ps its only available for meteobridge/cumulus version of template ..brian

good morning


1. what  exactly does the custom option do in your screenshot i.e what format is the output? if it is an option to send data to an alternative server like your own then no problem to do

2. im guessing by some of the info provided on this forum they provide a simple json API , does the APi need a personal key

3. does purple air not send data to other services like breezometer,airvisual and aqicn?

not owning a purple air though thought about it but ive seen very mixed results and at its current cost im skeptical of using a 1st or second generation release i think ill wait till the products mature (hope that dont sound a bit like waiting for cheese to mature) .

anyway whatever info you have please forward on via email via

ill see what i can knock up and prefer it to in the end match existing design elements of template and i wont use any scripts designed by others id rather just build something then i can deal with the issues if they arise

have a wonderful day and the weekend has nearly landed ..

Normally the Davis rain gauge under reads but than can be a little dependent on the rain intensity as a tipping type bucket has some variations.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Electronic Rain guage versus Manual
« Last post by ocala on Yesterday at 11:57:34 PM »
Yes it can read higher, although generally speaking the Davis usually under reports.
There are adjustment screws under each tipper. Just look for the +/- signs by the screws. Give each side a quarter turn to the minus direction. It will take a few rain events to get it close to your 8 inch gauge.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Electronic Rain guage versus Manual
« Last post by DAVE Z on Yesterday at 11:31:48 PM »
I have a Vantage Pro 2 weather station bought eight years ago. I am also a volunteer weather observer for the NWS. The NWS provided me with a stainless steel canister with a 8" diameter. I have noticed the VP2 will read much higher precips than the NWS gauge sometimes. Is it possible for the electronic gauge to read higher figures than it should? I checked the cups and they are clean. I would think it would read lower with time.
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Voice Enabled METAR Reports
« Last post by chappelledpc on Yesterday at 11:17:39 PM »
We've been working on a web page that you may be interested in and we think may be useful for the Visually Impaired.

**** Voice Enabled METAR Reports ****

This web page brings a voice to METAR reports.  Very straight forward to use with selection of the State or Area and METAR reporting
station from drop down menus.  Buttons and drop down selections are voice prompt enabled as you hover over them with your mouse.
After selecting the METAR reporting station of interest, the most recent report will be retrieved, formatted and spoken aloud using
text to voice synthesis.  You can optionally disable voice prompts and reports via a check box on the page. 

A demo of this page is at:

There is a link to download a zip that contains the source files and a README with installation instructions on the demo page.  Feel free to use it if you like it.

NOTE: This page uses the ResponsiveVoice Text to Speech API.  It is free for non-commercial use IF attribution (links to their site) is given prominently on the page.  Please do not remove their logo and links that appear in the footer if you decide to use it.

Screenshot Of The Page

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What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: Direct Upload weather station
« Last post by nincehelser on Yesterday at 09:00:30 PM »
Home Depot has an Acurite 5n1 with a WiFi display that transmits to wunderground for $99.
Weather Web Cams / Re: iptimelapse weather on image
« Last post by mickopla on Yesterday at 06:08:14 PM »
Email Michael at   He is a great guy and the program is fantastic.

Thanks for that, just sent an email now
Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Spring/Summer '18
« Last post by CW2274 on Yesterday at 06:05:32 PM »
This must be kind of what the desert feels like with humidity down near 20%
20%? That's monsoon season! :-)
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