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I'm pretty much stuck with Davis not only price point but communication is a must. Website, CWOP, WU
There is one professional grade which does communicate directly with WU but no idea how to make it work with website.
For brands, you could add Dyacon. They look interesting. Maybe TxWx as well? My earlier station from Dallas Semiconductor used the mechanicals from TxWx (WRL Series), but had the DalSemi electronics to demonstrate the 1-Wire hardware. The anemometer/vane and rain gauge held up quite well and I used them for many years. I finally replaced the bearings in the wind set.

Also, for the categories, some thing like "scalability" or "expandability" for adding additional sensors and functions would be good to know.

Good luck with the chart.

Greg H.

I'd like someone to do a comparison of Vaisala, Rainwise, RM Young, and Davis. Maybe even include anything else in this higher category that I may have missed (like Peet Bros if they still mater...etc.) They should be ranked on different categories. These brands (other than Davis) remain a mystery to me. You don't hear about them much in this forum other than someone just throwing the name out for some argument sake.

For example the comparison list should look something like:

Price (highest price to least):
Brand 4
Brand 2
Brand 1 (notes)
Brand 3

Features, Software options, Connectivity:
Brand 4 (notes)
Brand 1
Brand 2
Brand 3 (notes)

Brand 3
Brand 1
Brand 2 (notes)
Brand 4

Cost to maintain (replacement part costs and availability for DIY):
Brand 1 (notes)
Brand 2
Brand 3 (notes)
Brand 4 (notes)

Then some interesting bits of information where applicable regarding each would be nice. Maybe corroborating summary info of each to justify the ranking. I realize these manufactures probably make different models. I would take the best that each has to offer or the most logical or popular choice for each.

I'm not expecting everyone to agree. But I'd at least get some semblance of where they might rank and the pros and cons of each. I don't want to start a flame war. Please don't attack others that you disagree with. And if you know anything about these other brands, specially if you have worked with them, then let us know your thoughts without fearing any backlash. This isn't about putting down any other brand. I'm sure for all of these since they all have fame are worthy. I'd just like to know a bit more about each and how they compare and what their strengths are.

Why is Davis even in this list? As a known control variable.
What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: Cell weather stations
« Last post by Bushman on Today at 12:53:47 PM »
If you are looking at Rainwise, you might as well price RM Young.  Most stations here in the gov't sphere are Davis or RM Young.  By all accounts Rainwise makes an excellent product.
What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: Cell weather stations
« Last post by METARMan on Today at 12:39:18 PM »
I noticed a similar RainWise station is about twice the cost as Davis.  Is it worth it?
Firmware 4.4.9 Released

- Still has DHCP bug. Read notes on prior posts in this thread. I recommend using Static IP.
- Fixes Rain Gauge Calibration only for those that changed the value from the default 1.0.
- Fixes typo of the word Radiation on the Calibration page (yippee....I reported that)

Firmware update recommended steps:
- write down your calibration offsets
- make note of your time zone settings
- make note of your model number and units of measure
- write down your rain totals in the Live Data page
- make note of your network settings (I recommend setting static because of current bug)
- make sure you have your weather network credentials if you are using the ObserverIP to upload (I'm not as I just use Meteobridge)
- If using a Meteobridge (WeatherBridge) or Raspberry Pi or other device to read from the ObserverIP turn them off (to avoid bad data)
- Update firmware on ObserverIP
- Press Reset button when prompted by update tool
- Open browser connection to newly updated ObserverIP
Using your saved notes fill in the the following:
- Change network settings back to your static saved settings
- Set station settings model number
- Set station settings time zone
- Set station settings desired units of measure
- Set Calibration offsets (at least you need to do absolute and relative pressure)
- Update Live Data page rain totals (you can only enter and click save one at a time because of auto page refresh - or click Stop Refresh before entering)
- Lastly go to Weather Network page and enter in credentials to WU and AW networks if you are using those with ObserverIP
- Remember to turn back on your Meteobridge (Weatherbridge) or Raspberry Pi or other device if you use those. (this will ensure you don't upload bad data - before you are done entering in calibrations)
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Acurite Access vs. PC Connect
« Last post by WonderWX on Today at 12:18:32 PM »
The current RTL_433 driver with a SDR should work.

Nope -

Guessing modulation: No clue...
Guessing modulation: Single pulse detected. Probably Frequency Shift Keying or just noise...

I'm capturing data from Atlas with rtl_433 and have the 10 second WU updates, might be able to work it out for at least the basic info.
Snow Depth Sensors / Update on Horn Extension
« Last post by miraculon on Today at 12:10:56 PM »
Well, as I feared the horn extension has not weathered well. Stereolithography is fine for evaluating prototype parts, but for something that is going to be exposed to the weather, it just "doesn't cut it".

I recently painted it in hopes that it would help it last, but the process of trying to snap it on to the new sensor horn broke the attaching part into several pieces.

I have an inquiry into Maxbotix about whether they have started making a more robust version of it. If it is still 3D printed, I am not going to reorder one.

Greg H.
Snow Depth Sensors / Re: Maxbotix is now giving erratic readings
« Last post by miraculon on Today at 12:04:50 PM »
I replaced the sensor this morning, so far it is working well.

Time will tell, of course.

Greg H.
Virtual Weather Station by Ambient / Re: Uploading From VWS to WU
« Last post by anderep on Today at 12:02:00 PM »
upload now button worked for me, it uploaded the missing data from three days ago to yesterday.  my internet was down for two days as my internet provider had a big outage and had to replace their equipment.
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