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Blitzortung / Re: How to find new IP after new modem
« Last post by Cutty Sark Sailor on Today at 01:41:21 PM »
The factory default for BT dcontrollers is

Unless you changed that in your settings, that should always be the 'default', regardless of DHCP, etc...
to go back to that, if you changed it in the controller, you MUST do a complete factory default reset

Now, the kicker is: on settings page:I've multiple setations.. each is assigned a 'static' IP, which is why the 'address' for this one is "217"...defayult would be "235"
find your station on your 'router'.. and set the rest to match... if you've got one of those combination router modems...
well... good luck...Jumpin Joe and some others had issues with those 'proivider supplied' combos...
Custom Website Templates / Station historical graph scripts
« Last post by lddaly on Today at 01:33:17 PM »
Are there any scripts currently in existence to display historical HighChart style graphs on our site? We were using the WU-Graphs script for this purpose, which has been a popular page (until turned off the ability to download station data via CSV file). We have 10 years of data collected in Weather Display, VWS, Cumulus, and WeatherLink and have been sending to Weather Underground, PWSWeather, and CWOP during that same time period.
Hi Wim,

Enjoy your vacation!

You'd helped me a few months ago on my question as to how to modify the main menu.  I've just started tackling that and have a few pages that don't work which I'd like to fix before reorganizing.

Right now, I'm trying to get the SPC Severe Weather and the SPC Sounding pages to load.  They're under the 'More Advisories' menu tab right now.

Both of them display nothing.  I looked in the php code for both and found that the http links don't work but do when they are https.  Changing them to https in the php code again returned nothing so I'm missing something it seems.  Any ideas - when you get back?

Also, the 'Nearby Buoys' (under Mesonet right now) did not work for the verbose buoy data.  I changed the URL$ to '' from '' in the ws_buoy_generate.php file which fixed the issue.

Here's the website link:

Mine appears to be working just fine, right now.


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WeatherUnderground / Re: Give them a Chance
« Last post by Cutty Sark Sailor on Today at 01:12:28 PM »
... it's going to improve.... ????,,,,someone referenced "since 2017" or similar...  if you really believe tthat, then I suggest you begin your 'research' must earlier... say at least 2013... this thread might be a good starting point... just as a reference...
...and that history references JUST WxForum !!!!!!!!!!d
And it hasn't got any better,....If newcomers, and "defenders" really believe that things will change,.. great... keep the faith...
fact is, "Corporate WU" apparently doesn't care, despite lip service,... hasn't cared for several years, despite promises... and apparently would prefer not to  fool with us, despite appearances.
Give them a chance?.... nah.. too late for that.. Babe Ruth, et. al. were only allowed three strikes.

Move On, for goodness sake!

"Give 'em a chance???" 
WeatherUnderground / Re: Our wxforum WU community - turning the page
« Last post by galfert on Today at 12:58:59 PM »
Hi Todd,

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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. - Marcellus

UPDATE: And he is gone. Probably off to report to higher ups that this is no way to run an online service. Hey Todd, tell IBM to give you a raise and allow you to hire some decent web developers, with meteorology knowledge.
Severe Weather / Re: Oklahoma Tornado Caught via Drone
« Last post by ValentineWeather on Today at 12:32:46 PM »
I hate to be a pessimist, but if that's progress, JEEESH!
The closest I've been able to approximate this makes use of a file that converts zip codes to lat/long points.

From that file, I generated a (big) PHP table indexed by zip code.  With the lat and long, a useful query can then be constructed to get meta data (forecast zone and NWS office) as well as the forecast.

I have code based on this running in my sandbox (not on my live site). Essentially I allow a "zip" URL parameter on the forecast page and monkey around with the variables that advforecast2 uses before including it.
WeatherUnderground / Re: 10-Day Forecasts and "Scientific Reasoning"
« Last post by rpegg on Today at 12:29:57 PM »
Kinda bizarre that WU doesn't want us to log in.
If you are not logged in you are bombarded with ads.

Don't disagree.   Payed for many years just to stop seeing the ads.  Reported the same 10 day forecast issue about a month ago.   An investigation by one of the senior members found the 10 day forecast problem is account related.   Clearing cookies and history does nothing.  Others reporting the same issue.   I'm guessing if we wanted to quit WU completely and sign back up this issue would go away.   But I would lose my recently installed PWS data.   Wish I knew what the repair priorities were.   If the fix was expected to be months I would probably just cancel and decide whether to start over.
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