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Earth Sciences / Re: Solar Eclipse.
« Last post by corwyyn on Today at 07:52:13 AM »
It's currently 50 and clear in Casper, Venus is shining in the southeast an there is a thin smoke haze from the fires further west and north.

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Earth Sciences / Re: Solar Eclipse.
« Last post by ValentineWeather on Today at 07:41:31 AM »
Forecast still bad here. Heavy fog this morning and low hanging stratus couldn't of came on a worse day. Yesterday was perfectly sunny.
Does anyone know why my Vantage Vue Console is not saying SOLAR ECLIPSE today? It shows "new Moon"!  Very odd!  If there is an update wondering how I do that but found it interesting that it doesn't say anything for today.  Thanks! 
I have not had any issues with the wind vane at low wind speeds on the Osprey.  With as little as 0.2MPH of wind speed the vane aligns with the wind.  What FO actually did with the Osprey is a matter of dampening, not added friction. Dampening is a function of the forces generated on the tail of the vane.  A well dampened vane is less prone to wandering all over the place with the wind eddys that are always present due to mainly buildings/houses.  It took a solid 10-15mph wind to get my WS-1000-ARRAY to settle in my siting situation.  At lower speeds, I would see readings 75-90 degrees on either side of the overall wind direction.  With the Osprey, I see 10-15 degrees of variance.  I find the vane and the anemometer go live at basically the same levels of wind (again .2MPH) with the Osprey wind vane behavior being pretty much spot on with the Davis Vantage Pro2+ units. 
Earth Sciences / Re: Solar Eclipse.
« Last post by WeatherHost on Today at 06:32:36 AM »
As late as yesterday afternoon, the forecast was Sunny and 90+ with only a slight mention of storms to the west and some blow off clouds.

This morning they say 80% chance of rain, but think it will hold off until later in the afternoon.

Virtual Weather Station by Ambient / Re: Show Off Your VWS Real Estate
« Last post by sdc on Today at 04:26:00 AM »
These are the files I copied and put into a backup folder.  ...
Scott from Austin.

Thanks once again for this useful post!! I've just had to reinstall VWS on Windows 10 (which is proving buggy with VWS so far, but not yet fathomed out why  :???:) and had to locate the files I had to restore to regain my layout. I knew somewhere, someone had listed the files needed - so I'm glad to have found this post again!  :-)
WeatherUnderground / Re: Goldstar Stations
« Last post by Bashy on Today at 02:40:22 AM »
Mine is back this morning, certainly less than the 5 days sending data, all hail WU :D
Earth Sciences / Re: Solar Eclipse.
« Last post by LFWX on Today at 01:08:52 AM »
:D OK, so I checked when will be the next total solar eclipse visible from my hometown... 2135... that's gonna be a long wait....

Only 6 years, 7 months and 18 days for me! =D>,-84.83093261718751,7

But this partial eclipse should also be pretty good.
Thanks weatherist34!

just for reference i had this on my hard disk

Lets Do It

1. Download file and unzip to your Windows PC desktop
2. Find on your desktop the folder called Themes you just unzipped
3. Connect your WS1001(clone) to a small USB connector
4. Wait for the Windows PC to find device
5. Open file manager and look for device called NAND
6. Click on NAND and now you should see all the files on your WS1001(clone)
7. Now look for the Themes folder on your WS1001(clone)
8. Now got to your windows desktop and drag(copy) the Themes folder to the WS1001(clone)
9. It will copy over the files and at times prompt you for overwrite
10.Once it is finished now reboot and voila you have a new cleaner smarter display :-)
Remember it is not a firmware upgrade :-)

Thanks Brian, kindly PIN this so that we can update or view this anytime. Thanks

Earth Sciences / Re: Solar Eclipse.
« Last post by gwwilk on Yesterday at 11:57:43 PM »
Not sure what to expect tomorrow here in Lincoln, NE.  This is currently the most optimistic forecast:
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