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WeatherUnderground / Re: backend failure
« Last post by AL Estep on Today at 04:34:40 PM »
that is correct, the page would display but not the graphs
Evening, Im looking for some advice, my previous station was a maplin FG8Y I think but was a fine offset clone, Which died due to the weather, high winds and exposure. I want to replace it but a bit like the post below I have a limited budget. Currently 235 in the station fund but the Mrs has put her foot down and it looks like I wont be able to stretch must further.
In an ideal world I want to be able to upload to weather underground and have something that will survive the weather.
Yes Davis would be the best option and there is a uk store selling at 304 at the moment but the data logger puts it out of range. Second hand could be an option but Im always concerned about reliability.

I like the weather camera of the Bloomsky and there is a seller on ebay (currently on holiday) that seems to have a major stock of Bloomsky 1's and if I add it to a storm could be an option.

Netatmo seems to have a special on at the moment with an extra indoor module and if you buy the rain gauge and the windspeed you get free brackets as well as a 30 discount and a 2 year warranty

Windflow - spoke to them today and its like a netatmo but will be around USD300 when it goes on sale at the end of the year but will be selling to US and Canada first until stock is built up.

Is there anything I missing in the sub 300 mark that is reliable.

take it importing a Davis from the US is a no,no

Any thoughts / Pro / Cons or should I forget it and buy the Lego Rollercoaster :eek:

Peterhead, Scotland
Acurite Access Software / Acurite, Access, PWS and CWOP?
« Last post by SkellyCA on Today at 02:12:56 PM »
Now that this board is here. I can post this here. If a mod could delete my post from the Smarthub forum, that would be great.  :grin:

I'm about to order the new Atlas, I already have the Access. I have a couple software questions...

It seems like Acurite only supports uploads to Wunderground right now?

1. Are they planning on adding more upload capabilities?
2. Is there 3rd party software to upload to PWS?
3. CWOP: Is there a way I can take part in CWOP with an Acurite Atlas and Access? 3rd party software maybe?
You covered all the places I'm familiar with.  ;)
For me it's,  Weather underground,  PWSweather,  weather cloud, ambient net,  CWOP and my Apache2 server that keeps going offline...LOL all done on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ using Weewx. BTW not ambient net and weather cloud.
I suppose we shouldn't limit ourselves to just websites. Mobile apps are just as helpful and popular for accessing weather data.

- NOAA Weather Unofficial app - This Android app will show you NWS MADIS stations and provide NOAA forecasts. There is a free version and a paid ad-free version. I didn't find an iOS version. It has some pretty neat forecast graphs.

Follow these steps to get NOAA Weather Unofficial to show you your favorite MADIS station:
1 - Tap the Menu (three dots) button on the top right corner.
2 - Select Tab Options from the drop down list.
3 - Put Check Mark on "Use Alternate (larger) Station List."
4 - Tap top left corner of app where the Logo is (yep that is a button.)
5 - Tap the Map icon (not the + Add Location.)
6 - Tap the center of the place where you want to find a station (doesn't have to be precise.)
7 - Wait for the "Loading..." to stop.
8 - Tap the banner above your red marker showing you the GPS location for that stop.
9 - Tap on the newly listed saved location.
10 - Wait for "Downloading Forecast..." to finish (1 or 2 secs.)
11 - Tap on Current Observations.
12 - Tap on More Stations (or click on the Map icon to select nearest station.)
13 - Wait for station data to load (Ignore N/A when it is done then go to next step.)
14 - Select the station you want from the resulting list (even if it shows N/A with no current data.)
15 - Tap on Refresh (circular arrows) on the top of the app bar.
16 - Station data should now be current (if the station is live and reporting.)
17 - Last weather data with Updated time stamp and station ID should be showing.
18 - Scroll down for future forecast for this location.
19 - Don't forget to check out the forecast graphs! Tap on graph icon at the bottom of the Hourly tab, then slide your finger on the graph.

This is a very nicely done app. More powerful than it seems at first glance.

Anyone know any other places where CWOP or MADIS data shows up?...please add them to this list. ...anyone??? there an echo here?

WeatherUnderground / Re: backend failure
« Last post by wunderground-PWS on Today at 12:24:13 PM »
Hi, can you confirm the behavior that you were noticing with the 10 day forecast?  Did you see the page but not the graph?

Are you still seeing issues?

The CNTRL + F5 also worked on getting the 10 day forecast to reappear.

I think that the folks at IBM really could care less about the quality of the web site WU.

 ](*,) :evil: #-o
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: advforecast2.php issue
« Last post by gwwilk on Today at 11:19:45 AM »
Apparently they're still working on the Point Forecasts at because I received a valid and complete Point Forecast there earlier this morning.  I tried to implement it, and failed.  Then I rechecked the site and it didn't deliver once again.  I did receive a response yesterday from the W-Oax Webmaster - NOAA Service Account <> thanking me and stating that they would look into it.  I sent a service request over the weekend when all I got was an error message and service number to send along to them.
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