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FTP server is running again. Don't know if it has anything to do with it but I sent email asking for some answers for the Forum and like magic it's back up. Never got any response to email.
I would think that would be a good start. But if wu continues their program as stated why would you want to offer this service? There has to be a cost associated with this service.

You are absolutely right about that. And from what I hear, WU magically fixed (all) their webcam issues and the cams are up and running again on WU - can anyone confirm that as well?
My weather webcam is now re-displaying on WU via the FTP method.

I did re-edit my webcam settings yesterday, which triggered their "review the webcam" process, which may have re-activated my FTP login credentials.

Of course the other problem is dealing with Firefox 57's termination of support for Foscam's plugin.  I have other means to control the camera, but it is just another irritation.

Re to Webcams.Travel ... I can push my weather webcam image to multiple sites, so if you or other sites did choose to host weather webcams it is not a WU or Webcams.Travel but not both kind of thing.

But as perhaps many have pointed out ... there are some essential features ... such as an obvious link button that would take viewers of the webcam to the weather site (be it WU or some other 3rd party weather site or even a personal site).
LaCrosse Technologies/Hyundai / C84428 Wind Direction
« Last post by Plaiditect on Today at 12:17:02 AM »
[NB: This is my first post. Please let me know if I err.]

I finally bought a weather station (a long time desire) and ended up with this one.  The outdoor temp/hum sensor had a faulty connection between the display and the circuit board, but I think I've Macgyvered it... time will tell.  I've also put in a request to Lacrosse for support, which may also prove interesting.

Question: Nothing in the directions or on the wind sensor asked to be oriented North, yet this unit shows wind direction and it appears to be working. How?  I just put it up on the pole any-old-how.  (Or it's oriented wrong and I need to figure out how to point it in the right direction.)

Tech Corner / Re: GoDaddy MySQL DB export/import
« Last post by PaulMy on Yesterday at 11:16:28 PM »
Thank's Colin, I still can't open the full backup on my computer but at GoDaddy's suggestion i exported one table at a time and then imported in single tables in the new cPanel hosting, and that was succesful.

All my import updates are now working again and only lost some short term data while I was exporting and importing.

I think I am done with the upgrade, and next is moving to PHP 7x which I can now do with spaniel hosting.

Tech Corner / Re: GoDaddy MySQL DB export/import
« Last post by Colin on Yesterday at 10:13:23 PM »
Hi Paul,
 I use MAMP but you could use WAMP or similar and set up a localhost. Good for testing.
Backup your database then you can import it to your localhost and check it there.

Hope it helps
For Tuesday - December 12, 2017 !   :grin:

WeatherUnderground / Re: Station webcam improved updating
« Last post by ValentineWeather on Yesterday at 07:42:37 PM »
Paul you could run Blue Iris, connect all camera streams and setup FTP/post.
If you need quick tutorial on FTP setup let me know.
WeatherUnderground / Re: Station webcam improved updating
« Last post by PaulMy on Yesterday at 07:23:11 PM »
My Bloomsky is showing on WU,
however my other webcam is not  I have this using the URL method.

I have the webcam/yawcam set to FTP to my website
The webcam images are saved with date/time stamp on my computer, and after FTP as a static file name on by webserver.

I would like to try FTP to WU as well.  Since Yawcam does one FTP only how can I FTP?

I've looked at the WU instructions but haven't understood how to do that.
Step 2 - Use the following information to start sending your images to Weather Underground using FTP.
  • Username: You will be provided with a Camera ID on the sign up page in the "Your Current Cameras" box.
  • Password: You will need to log in with the same password you use to access the Weather Underground site.
  • Directory: We actually move the file for you, so if your software requires a directory you should set it as '/', but otherwise leave it blank.
  • Filename: We also change the filename of your image, so a default name can be almost anything you'd like but 'image.jpg' is preferred.
  • Binary: Please make sure that you are uploading your images through FTP using the binary setting.
  • Image Resolution: There is no minimum or maximum resolution. However, the larger the resolution, the larger the file size, so please adjust your resolution and image quality settings to get the best image within the size limitations.[/l][/l]
Unfortunately, I do not.

Then assuming it may have been DHCP? Then try repowering the IP logger (Console or Envoy) and see if it picks up a new IP.
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