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You can see what our tax dollars brought for this system with the pictures in this pdf

Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Possible?
« Last post by DaculaWeather on Today at 10:58:33 AM »
I was curious if it might be possible to read data from a 2nd testtags file? I am hosting a school website in a sub directory of my website. That station has soil and leaf monitoring sensors and would like to display the soil data on my daculaweather site.

I'm thinking there is no way without some creative script to pull the specific data from the 2nd testtags file, but just thought I'd ask. :-)
I can find plenty of stuff on how the temperatures drop as you go up, thousands of feet, that is. 

The only thing I've found was this, pasted below, which implies that the stations have three temperature sensors, and they look for them to be within 0.3 degrees C of each other, do averages and all sorts of stuff with the data loggers.

I'd like to have them put one in my back yard!

"Surface Air Temperature

Each USCRN station has three thermometers which report independent temperature measurements each hour. These three observed temperature value are used to derive a single official USCRN temperature value for the hour. This single value is sometimes a median and sometimes an average of various combinations of the three observed values, depending on information about which instruments agree in a pairwise comparison within 0.3C. Each station transmits the three independent observed values; the computation of the official USCRN temperature value is done after these values arrive at NCEI. The discussion below describes the details of the three observed values.

Each station has three Thermometrics platinum resistance thermometers, each of which is housed in its own Met One 076B 7308 aspirated solar shield. Each thermometer measures the temperature (in degrees Celsius) every 2 seconds. Every 5 minutes the station datalogger computes the average of these 2-second values, giving 12 5-minute averages for each thermometer. Standard deviations are also calculated for each thermometer. Finally, a moving 5-minute average displaced 10-seconds at a time is used to determine the maximum and minimum 5-minute periods ending within the hour in question.

In addition to the thermometer values, the station also measures the speed of the fan in each aspirated shield. As the shield's fan rotates, a contact closes and generates a pulse twice per rotation. The datalogger counts these pulses every two seconds. Every hour these 2-second values are averaged to obtain an average number of pulses per second for the hour. The hourly data stream from the station thus include the average pulse rate per second for each of the three sensors. The actual speed of the fan in revolutions per second is half the pulse rate."
There's the official way and then there's the practical way.

If it is already up, that carries a lot of weight in your decision.  Being wireless, its easy to move, but time on the tower is hard on my feet and having a ground crew is sometimes hard to get in place.

I think the most telling tale is you saying you had almost constant breezes or zephyrs depending upon the day.

 The natural mixing and movement is going to cancel out any stratification that may occur otherwise.  The guidelines say wind at 30' up or so, and there are a lot of papers from universities showing the wind speed slowing caused by the earth's surface, and this makes sense, but it is tough to get something that high, not whip around, and yet be able to be 'easily' taken down.  Haven't been able to find a sky hook at at flea markets lately.

I think the height above ground was chosen for, well, the observer's height.  I recall being envious of the white slatted shelters that we'd see at ranger stations or DNR offices, all on stilts which my dad joked was to make it hard for snakes to curl up inside them. 

I'll look to see if there are the same kind of graphs for variation in temperature with height the same as the wind speed ones that I mentioned.  But standards ARE standards and if you go too far from the expected, there is going to be avoidable variation.  I know that of the many thermometers and humidity sensors I have, some are differing by a couple degrees and 20% depending on sun, wind, how much vegetation is growing, whether it rained and the underlying leaves are soaked, and so on.  Wind is a great equilibrator, mixing things up a lot. 

I'd probably not go to too much trouble, but the little battery may need changing once in awhile, but you have a good safety harness for climbing.  And I don't see many maple or oak trees for plugging up the rain collector as much as my woods does.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by gardengrub on Today at 10:08:21 AM »
Same experience here.  URL upload worked from June 19-23 and has been down since.

It looks like Webcams via URL are broken again. Mine (WU_54013CAM2) worked about a day, after the last fix, and now I see that many are absent, once again, on the map. Webcams via FTP seem to be stable.

Same here. I refuse to do direct FTP, because I upload the image to my own website. The camera doesn't support two different FTP transfers.

Maybe IBM can get "Watson" to fix the webcam image fetch problem.... 

Greg H.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by Intheswamp on Today at 09:16:37 AM »
Yup, mine is dead again, too.   I won't be doing FTP, either, for my image.  I'll wait and see what happens.  It will take them asking for me to resubmit my camera again...I'm tired of begging.  Just for giggles I just checked my "replacement" should I decide to pull my's only six degrees higher than it should be.  The second runner-up is coming in at roughly eight degrees higher.  Today the forecast is for 96F...those two stations will be well over 100F.  No frowny face, no harsh words for WU, just frustration and getting tired of their instability/unreliability. 

And, on a more serious note....where is William in all of this???  His absence is very suspicious.  After years and years of being the mouth of WU William disappears without saying "Goodbye"???  Replaced by people with funky names that show up and then disappear themselves??? I'm thinking of filing a missing-persons report.  I think this is all a big cover-up.  Shoot, William could've been working with the CIA or CIAO' or one of those other acronyms.  I think they need to drain Lake Kensico and look for him...
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: 6544 Question
« Last post by johnd on Today at 09:12:38 AM »
Yea - no joy. Using WL 6.0.4 and I did close WL before trying the DL Setup.

Hmm, that should work.

I'm wondering if the logger might have been discarded for a reason? Does it still work OK as a standard logger?

Just for completeness, is this connected to a PC using a physical serial port or a USB adapter. If USB, can you confirm from eg Device Manager that the virtual com port was definitely released. If USB, maybe try rebooting the PC without logger attached, then connect the logger and then try the Streaming Utility without first starting WL. I think the SU's job is just to set parameters in the logger. Once this is done then further SU connection is unnecessary.
Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Spring/Summer '18
« Last post by WeatherHost on Today at 08:52:07 AM »
70 degrees, Humidity about 200%, Dewpoint about 150, feels like sauna combined with steambath

OK, so that's an exaggeration.  Maybe.

WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by chief-david on Today at 08:51:10 AM »
ditto. It was a good week
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by PaulMy on Today at 08:50:32 AM »
Same here. I refuse to do direct FTP, because I upload the image to my own website. The camera doesn't support two different FTP transfers.

Same here, and still a No on the status.
The Bloomsky however is different.

Trying to enjoy,
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