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Something is different about
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$rootPath = realpath('tmp');
new RecursiveIteratorIterator(
    new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($rootPath),

I've had to write a bit of extra code to stop bogus 'null' entries in the zip.

Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: weather34 PurpleAir
« Last post by xcom on Today at 10:55:43 PM »
One thing I found is that my meteobridge http services are failing: HTTP Upload:   2019-03-20 21:52:51 Sent: 2019-03-20 21:52:51 Couldn't fetch records
Odd .... I've just copied your page directly and it works fine (although the pop-up would be better going high rather than low)

Might be a DOM timing thing. try putting the jquery call, the first lot of script and the css in the <head> section if you can, else as high as you can get it in your 'content'.
As a matter of interest which font was it ?

I tried 3 different fonts and none came thru the downloaded zip. All the font files were 0-kb.
I just directed it to an arial font file on my server and it's working fine on my homepage (lower center).
Only issue is that when the page first loads... the banner shows and you have to mouse over the image to get it to go away.
Hmm ........

Suddenly the 'zip' is trying to copy my 'site' - must investigate what has changed  :shock:
Now "The Dalles" hasn't set their TZ ...

If you are referring to me, the form had America/Los_Angeles when I checked-off and downloaded the zip.  But the resulting sun_button.php and sun_banner.php both had Europe/Sofia

Anyway....thank you very much for the script...I really appreciate it  [tup]
As a matter of interest which font was it ?
Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: weather34 PurpleAir
« Last post by xcom on Today at 08:54:28 PM »
Thanks SaratogaWX, Thats the one I am using... I just did a pull to see if I had any updates and nothing. Still the same issue. :(
If I am looking for better quality, etc. why not add the bonus of Doppler?
Iím holding out until I know it will be accurate in sunlight. I canít see any way that it is going to be in a radiation shield.

Have you looked at the Lufft specs closely?  +/- 2 C in calm air with the heater off (what if the heater is on?), precipitation accuracy is 20% under lab conditions (ie: synthetic/perfect rain drops), and +/- 10 degrees on the wind direction.  Probably useful for controlling HVAC or irrigation in a low-maintenance automation setup, but not really a scientific instrument.....
Yeah, I too kinda gave it a :roll: when looking at it last night. And at $1000+ a pop, I think you're paying for all that stuff to be crammed into one space. I also noticed how they mention it's a "good price performance ratio", not sure what standard they use, I guess the "everything crammed into one place" standard.
Remember, the vue itself does not have those sensors. You have have to point the vue console with Nano to VP2 ISS . Works like a charm
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