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Lightning / Re: Mounting poles and NOT attracting lightning.
« Last post by wxthomson on Today at 03:08:55 PM »
The grounding is for "safety", to drain the static buildup into the ground, and should help to not attract lightning as opposed to not grounding a pole and the wind blowing over it and static electrically charging it up. There is never any guarantee that lightning will not hit a pole, but you want to take appropriate measures to be sure that if it does, you take as much of the power of it to the ground outside, and not through your home wiring system to get it into the ground, which is where it is trying to get to in the first place. Lots of damage and fire can occur without a proper ground.

I agree
i used to manage data centers and all my buildings had lightning protection systems on the roof.

I have been told several times by the companies that install and maintain these systems that their main purpose is to dissipate the static charge that develops under a large cloud.
thus reducing the potential for a strike.
Anyway all is not lost

Can now simply update Weather Display and must place a file called homeweatheron.txt where WD is installed.  :grin:

So there you are if brian wants to distribute the last known wd   version and support it thatís is fine by me but letís be clear I can not support and will not distribute . He is free to make any changes he wishes to suit WD and you are free to choose wether you want to use it or not .

That was clearly set out in my email originally I no longer wish to develop or support it for WD.

So itís in his court he decides not me as I said I have no hard feelings one bit .


How interesting it all becomes you try and be amicable and explain with honesty yet it gets twisted and you end up with a pile ruthless assumptions. I have no point in anyway insulted brian or actually made any criticism of the software itself . I was not the first to publicly post about this unfortunate situation he did himself half way  through our email exchange. As I said above there are numerous other options out there to use and it didnít work out , I donít hold any personal hard feelings it just the way worked and itís unfortunate.

As for another attemp no chance what is done is done move on use the other templates that fully support the weather display software.

I stand by original comment I have not received any email from brian reference changes to the api and changes were happening as the data was added and a broken url part would not have been found. So make your assumption Iím not bitter it just simply wasnít happening my fault or his fault what is done is done.

As for prime time your probably completely right 100%.

So sorry...brian

Custom Website Templates / Re: HOMEWEATHERSTATION Dashboard template
« Last post by droiddk on Today at 02:14:43 PM »
What is going on....   :shock: So many ups and downs with this template?  :shock:
Custom Website Templates / Re: HOMEWEATHERSTATION Dashboard template
« Last post by Bunty on Today at 02:12:31 PM »
It's been a waste of time for me try to get homeweatherstation new WD edition to fully work.  I still get 3 errors when wd.php is run as in:

Warning: mysqli_connect(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known .../pws/wdapi/wd.php on line 16

Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in .../pws/wdapi/wd.php on line 16

Warning: mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given in...pws/wdapi/wd.php on line 35
Connect failed: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

Not ready for prime time.
OK, I will email the devs, we co-operate with each other,I can ask them if it could be added as an option
The only webcam entry/setting I can find is for URL so yes, it looks like the update rate is fixed.
So the webcam interval is hard-set to 5s?
Browsers have been getting very finicky with cameras. Hikvision cameras only work with chrome and using IE tab. IE itself won't work but using the extension still does.

You might have the same issue going on here. Try using chrome with IE tab here:

First install chrome if not already on computer then download the IE tab extension. Open camera ip address by clicking on extension tab and going to address.

I'm still able to load my Hikvision cameras with IE 11.7 with no problem.

I'll miss the webcams but considering recent reliability I've already missed them many times :roll:  Too bad they couldn't scale back rather than drop them completely.  Before the videos are gone I've copied a few "stormy ones" using the Chrome browser extension Flash Video Downloader.  The only one that was of some value though was the day of the 2017 eclipse but even then my cam was just outside the edge of totality - not real dramatic.

Thanks to an earlier suggestion in this thread I added my station to  Their webcam URL works well but you do need to host your jpg image somewhere.  I have it locally hosted on the old cell phone that also takes and captions the picture. grabs that image every 5 seconds when your station page is active.  That's fairly heavy bandwidth so not as nice as the WU hosted solution but it's better than nothing!  Maybe WU could at least do something similar.  Cam on
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