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Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / whos-online Maps Don't Display
« Last post by gwwilk on Today at 06:12:35 PM »
I had a gigabit up and down fiber optic broadband connection installed earlier this year and I've been fiddling around for the past month or so seeing if I could set up a self-hosted site on a Lenovo Server X3100 M5 purchased on the cheap from Newegg as an 'open box'.  It's basically a learning exercise and challenge to get my own Debian Jessie Linux system up and running with exactly the same data as is on my GoDaddy site.  It also doesn't yet use SSL so it runs those scripts 'forbidden' by SSL on my GoDaddy site.

There were two persistent problems I faced.  The first was setting up cron jobs to populate the log files for Jim McMurray's 'Forecast Compare' script.  This morning I finally succeeded in setting up a shell script(s) that worked, and the log files are now in the process of being populated.  Until 24 hours have passed the log files will display errors, but as of now the 2pm log is populated.  The shell examples I found were all too complicated for this simple task, and the final script(s) are very spartan.  Without the script(s) the updates wouldn't run.  Here is one of the scripts:
Code: [Select]
# based loosely on the generic bash script for gen-BO-maps.php.  K. True -
# Version 1.00 - 18-Apr-2015 - initial release
# --- begin settings
# set HDIR to full file path to BOmaps directory on your website
HDIR=(full path to the site's root directory)

# set PHPcmd to full path to PHP V5+ on your host

# --- end settings
cd $HDIR
cmd -U 'chromium' '(my new site)/forecast-compare-include.php?log&config=5a'
I've hidden some parameters for security reasons in the first instance and to keep people from running the guts of the script and messing up the data in the second instance.

Anyway, the second problem has me stumped!  I've gotten all of the errors cleared out of the 'console' and the page validates, but I still can't get any maps to display! :-(  It seems as though
Code: [Select]
echo get_whos_online_worldmap($map_settings);in 'whos-online-maps.php' doesn't display the background map but does display the pins.

Any thoughts, other than 'Why are you doing this???' :-)

MrM1, I pulled up your graph from the 14th and all the graphs related to the ISS are missing information. The only graph that is correct is the Pressure which comes from the indoor unit. All the graphs from the ISS stop and start at the same time. To me, it looks like it is only sending data when the sun is getting to the Solar array providing power to the unit.
I would check the ISS batteries or replace them with standard alkaline ones for testing.
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Weather Web Resources / Re: NOAA WEATHER RADIO
« Last post by Cutty Sark Sailor on Today at 05:57:16 PM »

161 streams listed as of 06/22/2017
Weather Web Site Help / Re: Updating HamWeather Tropical Plugin
« Last post by Tesla on Today at 05:50:35 PM »
Thank you for taking a look.

I'm hoping there are some members here with experience with HW that can help.  I believe I can fix the system text products. The main error that I have no idea how to fix at the moment is the missing forecast cone/wedge.  I have found someone that has this working on his site, and he said he is willing to help me troubleshoot.  If anyone else wants to try and install and see if the forecast cone/wedge works on your server, that would be great.  All files needed are in the zip.  I also included a text file with what works and what doesn't work and setup instructions, plus I included the original pdf documentation files, but just found out the API pdf file is corrupt.

Weather Display / Re: FTP Error 500
« Last post by eric799 on Today at 05:24:53 PM »
Are you on 1and1?
I am not on 1and1

But I figured it out. A setting in Weather display and my router were both wrong. I made the change and it fixed it!

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Weather Web Site Help / Re: Updating HamWeather Tropical Plugin
« Last post by Jáchym on Today at 05:19:13 PM »
ok Im afraid I wont be able to help you with this. I can help you with specific errors, but the problem is that when I download it, there are like four folders, each with hundreds of files including some mySQL files etc, all having over 80MBs. This seems like a quite complicated script consisting of a database and many interconnected scripts and I have no clue how this is supposed to work or what it is supposed to do and it would take hours to find it out because it also gives me lot of incorrect paths so most likely the directory structure is not ok.
Either you need to ask someone who knows this script or post specific errors you have
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Weather graphic scripts
« Last post by eric799 on Today at 05:18:14 PM »
I need some help finding the weather graphics scripts that everyone uses to create the weather stickers. I found a bunch of links to Anoles site but all the links return a 404 error. Any suggestions where I can download?


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Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Summer/Winter 2017
« Last post by Jáchym on Today at 05:09:28 PM »
What a nice end of the day! 37C at 5:30PM, then at 20:30 a squall line arrived, the temp dropped from 28 to 19 in a matter of a few minutes with significant wind gust and about 8mm rain (1/3in) in 10 minutes with lots of lightning. Now another large thunderstorm is going towards my city, Im expecting it to arrive in about 3-4h, most likely at the time when I will go to bed :D
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: VP2 FARS airflow
« Last post by jerryg on Today at 04:48:48 PM »
Well i think that it is night time so no heating being done by the sun and the bottom of the chamber is open as well as the top and you can get a slight flow of air rising up the tube. Also the shield cools down at night and transfers that into the chamber. I am no engineer when it comes to this just by observation it works lol. I like not having the fan running at night because of the 90% plus humidity we have down here near the coast every night. In the am i have had water condensed on the plates and inside that looked like it was sprayed with a hose.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: VP2 FARS airflow
« Last post by WxLover16 on Today at 04:32:14 PM »
As for as response time it was the same as with the fan as long as the wind was up around 3 or 4 mph and was a little slower with no wind. In the am the readings were always the same for temp and humidity as the one with the fan running.

That is really surprising to me, since knowing how the 24hr was designed; without any air being pulled in, the air would become more stagnant that it would be in a passive shield and it would get warmer and warmer.
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