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The weather community blog I started over the summer ( to replace the WeatherBug Community is in the process of merging under I've had some reliability issues with and even tried migrating it to another hosting provider, and I still had issues. Additionally, my personal IT company (Mallard Computer) is shutting down at the end of the month so I can focus on starting a PhD program coming up.

I've re-branded under WeatherTogether and will keep the site up and running in parallel mode until bloggers can transition over to WeatherTogether (a handful of bloggers are having issues accessing WeatherTogether). it is WordPress-powered, so bloggers on WeatherQuack won't lose any content during the migration (I'll fold it in at a later date).

WeatherTogether has an excellent team of contributors and is more established than WeatherQuack, and I'd rather us pool our efforts together under one site than continue running separately. The ower of the site, Charlie, has also given me admin access so I can volunteer over there with IT assistance.

Those who were former members of the WeatherBug Community looking for a place to blog, check out We'll also look at promoting and linking to from

I'm still IT consulting at Earth Networks, and we've overhauled our tech team with new personnel. I've been assigned new technical contacts, and I'm getting them up-to-speed about the situation with PWS, and it looks like we're finally getting there with it and will have some new announcements coming up.
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Re: to Merge Under; PWS Updates
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Good.  WeatherTogether sounds better than WeatherQuack.

Also the 2nd home page using modified AltDashboard 6.81 at