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No information as to how old this unit is, but sounds like a faulty supercap. Potentially needs a new harness or ISS.
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: User Guide
« Last post by johnd on Today at 03:39:07 AM »
Not aware that any formal Help document has been released yet, though there is of course the long video - see .

I presume that a Help menu item might be added to the UI before too long, but it's presumably not been a top priority compared to eg the migration from 1.0, especially when features are still often being added. But other than this, I think the idea is that the menus etc are designed to be as intuitive as reasonably possible and that users should be able to find their way around without much training.

Blitzortung / Re: SERVER CHANGES
« Last post by Cutty Sark Sailor on Today at 01:59:05 AM »
Those are the Server Received signals "real time" from a Blitzortung Receiver after initial processing... Channel Data sent and received.  Among other data, a 'valid' entry by the channel data indicates that channel selected for analysis as possible 'stroke' and 'locating' determination... I'm centainly not going into detail here, there's a lot there if you're a computer or a person much smarter than me. The FFT graphs show the power content across the ELF/VLF spectrum contained in that impulse. An Operator can see his signals 'realtime' on his stations GUI page... these are what the server gets.
Those graphs are not public, Single 'last stroke' images available to operators on their Operator's page', and we have them installed on Sferics.Us with selection of 'last signal' within 2.5 second sample... so wont' really 'see them all'  on the server side .. especially during peak season,... too many signals to try and grab,.. we simply grab an activity snap  on a 2.5 second query.  If there's one there.
 When do or do we think that Acurite will write the code for the access or fix it so it shows up on Weather Underground

I know that my Weatherflow displays this  would really like to see it on my Atlas ???
Blitzortung / Re: SERVER CHANGES
« Last post by W2PJ on Today at 01:18:22 AM »
How do you get these graphics and what do they mean?  Can you provide a summary of what we are seeing here?
Pete - W2PJ
I agree that's what the manual said, I pressed the button as requested, saw the green light..... but still three (maybe 4) days now and i'm still losing data from about 5am to 8am or so plus/minus one hour.
Hi folks, how do i go about this please, i have nevr bothered with weatherlink purely cause i am using WD, but now i see there is a Alexa skill for weatherlink and would now like to upload to weatherlink so i can make use of it, so, how does one use WD and WL at the same time please?


Scrub that idea, the WeatherLink skill is for the US only :(
An ISS battery change should change the alert at midnight of the day changed.
I think this has some discussion on it


thanks again Paul, I will contact Davis for help with this!
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Guess there's no VP3 coming
« Last post by Bashy on Yesterday at 11:22:36 PM »
I would be lost without my console, i left my OS 968 running just so i could keep the 4 consoles in the other rooms, would have been too expensive going the Davis route, the Davis console is sat next to me in the dining room, thats where i am the majority of the time, it serves no other purpose than used for a quick check as the sensors are also linked to the Envoy as well and thats attached to the weather lappy. Ideally i would like to see a touchscreen version, coming from the OS, i found the Davis console difficult to use and it seemed old, dont slate me, its just how i felt about it, i still find it difficult though, the alarms side of it i always have to consult the manual, mostly to remove an alarm....
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