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WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by eyecue on Today at 07:03:51 PM »
The radar used to show storm tracks on the mobile app better.  The radar now says DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE quit a bit when it is not. The alert locations are 60 miles from my actual,  The radar now says " No doppler indicated storms in your area. The radar used to show actual information about the cell when you click on the associated icon that comes up when TRACKS are enabled.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by Intheswamp on Today at 06:59:55 PM »
I know it's been a while for you.  Mine had worked fairly good but is dead now...tried a couple of times to "get it approved" but it'd always end up being "Inactive"'s sitting there with "Waiting to be approved" or whatever now.  I'm just about over it.  I may just pull the plug and forget about WU even though it seems they're maybe getting their act together.  When my data isn't being uploaded WU defaults to a station about ten miles from my shop that reported 106F was hot, miserably hot....but not *that* hot.

I'm glad your camera is back up online, you've worked hard on the station at RMS!!!  =D>
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: wxnewpage.php
« Last post by LeFuet on Today at 06:39:22 PM »
Thank you for your help! Have it now solved with frames

Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: New .. Meteobridge Nano for Davis VP2/Vue
« Last post by Bushman on Today at 05:55:47 PM »
Price?  Licensing?
Hi,  Just reporting that I got my wifilogger from John @ Prodata (UK) and it was delivered as stated....dispatched on 18th and arrived on 19th! John even emailed me with firmware update details. Excellent service.

Got mine uploading to and, both at 1 minute intervals.  Do I need to worry about the auto pause function people are talking about (can't even find it in the menu).
^^  That's too bad.  Definitely not in the best interests of serving the public at large.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by chief-david on Today at 04:43:51 PM »
YES.!!!! it has been three or four months. Finally someone listened.

I think it came back last night.  Then I had to go in and fix my computer. Purely coincidental.
I just noticed today that the SPC has added ssl security.  All of their products are available via https.
Yep. In both.
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