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Lightning / Re: Live Lightning Maps
« Last post by WeatherHost on Today at 12:32:10 PM »
What would be great is if somebody could come up with a Placefile for GRL products from one or both maps, even if there was a constraint not to share the displays.

Lightning / Re: USPLN Google Earth - Extracting the Stroke Text Data
« Last post by WeatherHost on Today at 12:29:10 PM »
No, I didn't miss that step, but I think what I did was try to convert the wrong file.  The output from unzipping ends up being doc.kml instead of strikesinview.kml

At any rate, it's of no value to me personally unless I can limit to my sensor which doesn't appear possible.

Other Weather Software / Re: Weather Station Wordpress Plugin
« Last post by PierreLannoy on Today at 11:33:20 AM »
You're welcome... ici ou ailleurs :)

Lightning / Re: Live Lightning Maps
« Last post by waysta on Today at 11:27:42 AM »
Also, the technology of the detectors and networks seems to be somewhat different. 

As I understand it Blitzortung uses a combination of magnetic field detection using two or three loop antennas (air core or ferrite) plus an E field sensor (perhaps the E field sensor is more responsive for closer events).  USPLN uses only E field sensing, probably for relatively shorter distances, possibly intending a relatively dense network over the years as more stations fill in for higher stroke detection rates and higher accuracy.

Also, USPLN stations make a brief report (probably time, and just a few other parameters) to central. 

What information does Blitzortung send from each station for each stroke event to the central location?
Yes, I still have it.  I live in Montague, MI.   

Based on the UPS shipping estimator it shows about $9.99

It is brand new in the box and never been used.   I bought a new VP2 station that was advertised with the old style rain collector but when it came it had the AeroCone so I ended up not needing it.
Lightning / Re: Live Lightning Maps
« Last post by waysta on Today at 10:40:46 AM »
Not missing a stroke might be more related to geographic sensor density. 
Lightning / Re: USPLN Google Earth - Extracting the Stroke Text Data
« Last post by waysta on Today at 10:27:23 AM »
I gave it a shot, but it comes in a .kmz file which the converter doesn't handle.  If I unzip it, I can open it in Notepad and see some data.

But it appears that it's all strikes in view based on how you have the map zoomed and not just those for your sensor.  That doesn't really do me any good.  I want to see the ones my sensor has detected.  That may require the USB bit.

skipped a step: "After you receive the .KMZ file, rename the extension to .zip and unzip the file.  You get a .KML file that contains all of your strikes in text. "  It is the KML file that you convert.

If you want more data - zoom out.

You are right about what our individual sensor detected.  There probably is a lightning map lines equivalent somewhere, but not one that we get to see.  USB "strokes report" only advances the stroke count, there is no specific single stroke data there, that would be nice.

It might be possible to mirror the ethernet port with an ethernet switch (or a router with port mirror capability) to look at the individual reports, however they probably need to be decoded, not sure how difficult that would be with something like WireShark.

On the other hand, the time of the report based on local computer time could work, if the detection rate is low enough to just watch all of them simultaneously.
Still available? I live in S.E. Michigan, how much to ship?
Lightning / Re: Live Lightning Maps
« Last post by hankster on Today at 09:56:39 AM »
USPLN takes 3 sensors to detect a strike and a 4th to verify before it will display them.
LaCrosse Technologies/Hyundai / Weather connect app
« Last post by DT87 on Today at 08:54:23 AM »
We got an s85807 for Christmas and downloaded the weather connect app to report data to weather underground. It worked great until about a week ago. It wasn't reporting anything to wunderground. The weather connect app will no longer connect to our internet. But for some reason it will report rainfall accurately but nothing else. Any suggestions for a new member?
Drew, sc kansas
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