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Have you tried this?

Are you looking to make this publicly accessible? If so, I strongly recommend you do not pass through directly to you camera but use something like a proxy (send your camera image to a server which then is publicly accessible). This reduces your vulnerability footprint. I'm doing this on my website (camera send to a Linux server which then is accessible from the internet).

Copying from that URL in the event it goes down:
by FOSCAM Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:24 am
Hi everyone,

In order to assist with some customer requests of a HTTP URL stream for fetching JPG snapshots and MJPEG streams on HD cameras, the Foscam R&D team was able to add these features in the latest firmware!

Note: The R2/C2/FI9900P IP Camera models currently don't support the MJPEG stream.

First, please upgrade your camera with the latest firmware to use these two features.

Please see this forum thread for more information on how to download and install the latest firmware.

Fetching JPG snapshots by URL parameters

The URL example is as follows:

http://ip address:port/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr=admin&pwd=xxx

Use the above to attain a snapshot image, this also supports fetching the highest resolution stream image.

Fetching MJPEG stream by URL

There are two steps needed to fetch the MJPEG URL stream.

Step 1: Set one of the streams to MJPEG.

As the current chipset on HD camerasonly supports two H.264 streams (Mainstream and Substream), we need to set one of the streams to an MJPEG stream, as the chipset does not support three streams. After we set one of the streams to an MJPEG stream, we can fetch the videostream using an HTTP URL.

Here is an example URL on how to set one stream to an MJPEG stream:

http://ip address:port/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=setSubStreamFormat&format=1&usr=admin&pwd=

Here 1 sets an MJPEG stream, if we don't want to set the MJPEG stream, we would set the number to 0, 0 sets an H.264 stream.

When inputting this URL and pushing "Enter" in your browser, it will return the following result:


Step 2: After setting the MJPEG stream, it can be fetched using an HTTP URL.

See the example HTTP URL you would use to fetch the MJPEG videostream. Note that this differs from older MJPEG cameras like the FI8910W, but the videostream result is the same.

http://ip address:port/cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream&usr=admin&pwd=xxx

Simply replace the IP address, port, username, and password into the above URL to access your camera's MJPEG stream.

You can refer to the CGI document on setSubStreamFormat and GetMJStream if you wish.

The new CGI documentation can be found here: cgi-sdk-for-hd-camera-t6045.html


The Foscam Technical Support Team

My sincere apologies SLOweather. I didn't know you were the original creator.
Bushman, thanks for linking to my guide.
Aardvark, WUnderground has discontinued service for their webcam functionality as of mid-December 2017. I've had problems with their FTP service since day one and now I attribute that to their intention of shutting down the service months ago (but only announcing it until recently).

I decided to host my own webcam image on my website. It's fairly easy. The gist: take an FTP uploaded image, rename it, move it to an internet-accessible URL, and delete the folder the camera makes.
The Linux script for this can be found here:
Slightly more detail and a link to the uploaded images can be found here:
Hi @,

Damn what's going on?
Why does myqsl no longer work with the latest version of Weather Display today.

Sadly Piet it is no longer supported.

so before anyone comes to assumptions let me explain honestly .

I have taken this decision because it has become somewhat messy to develop with for weather display software , i contacted brian the weather display developer this morning explaining my decision , however I was open to finding a common ground to resolve but he took the decision to go down the public forum road and look for the sympathy vote .

Over the last few days the weather display api had extra data appearing and a broken url structure causing the loss of some the values towards the end of the url . this caused the template to go out of sync with certain values , I was only aware of these extra values after checking some of the end user wd.txt files and started recieving frequent emails of extra sensors and out of sync data particularly trend data.

Now has he said he sent an email and sent me a screenshot so fair enough but I don't have that email originally sent , so communication breakdown ,but there is a resolving point but no unfortunately its turned into a personal accusation  and a slippery slope to no resolve and pointless rhetorics perhaps like this  . he chose that route , Im quite open minded and have no problems in admitting to I am wrong but its a private email exchange discussion and had room for resolve to go public well there you are no point of return end of project as far Im concerned .

take any judgement you wish but the lack of communication is a fundamental breakdown of any working or development process its just a recipe for a mess and unreliable outcome which thats exactly what happened . Its nigh on impossible to produce anything reliable without some form of communication. Ive always said collaboration equals success and in this case there was none.

So my sincere apologies throw any opinion you want at me at the end of the day it is a hobby to me not an income or a business I have no self egoistic
goals of a user count what matters to me is reliability and something that works , if it dont work I see no point in keep distriibuting something that is problematic.

I will just focus on Meteobridge and Cumulus for the near future and when the weatherflow hardware comes out of field test period I will focus on that.

choice is always yours there is absolutely no opinion from me in what you use what matters is it suits you and works reliably .

dont forget there are numerous templates that work with weather display the original reliable saratoga , lueven,meteotemplate and so on they are all
good alternatives so throw your ideas and encouragement at those .

and the last part of this rhetoric is there are two sides to every story Im not trying to deny any part of the communication breakdown it just wasn't there and thats it sadly.


Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: More than 8 Stations?
« Last post by johnd on Today at 06:13:43 AM »
Major point: Davis has discontinued the Envoy8X which could handle up to 8 independent sensors.

Meteobridge Pro Red can still do this of course, but does need some relatively simple scripting input by the user to configure the data handling. (And in fact although officially discontinued, the 8X still seems to be available from Davis - while stocks last presumably - I'm guessing that they might still have significant stocks. All a bit of a shame really - the 8X has been potentially a very useful addition to the Vantage family, but the software never progressed from the original WDTU and hence always a stumbling block for many users. All Davis's recent software efforts seem to have been on the new v2 platform for EM (and presumably before long for existing users too). So other software projects like WDTU have fallen by the wayside.)

You can have as many as you want if they are wired stations.

But using ISS sensors only and with no provision for supplementary stations.
Custom Website Templates / Re: HOMEWEATHERSTATION Dashboard template
« Last post by giantocr on Today at 05:57:56 AM »
Hi @,

Damn what's going on?
Why does myqsl no longer work with the latest version of Weather Display today.

Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately, I don't have Meteobridge configured to use a webcam, so I don't have any guidance for you about that...
My webcam setup uses some ancient software (ImageSalsa V2) and a XAMPP service + custom PHP script to offer my 'real-time' image, and that setup is neither simple, nor portable.

Maybe others could chime in who have configured Meteobridge to use a webcam .. I suggest you start a new topic with that question in the Meteobridge board on this forum.

Best regards,
Custom Website Templates / Burnsville template and Canada's AQHI
« Last post by blainec on Yesterday at 11:43:36 PM »
I know that the template can handle AQI for US users, but is there an option I can add to display Canada's AQHI?
it might have been i glitch with my wifi  it seems to be working much faster now
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