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I called Davis and they would not send out the cable for now based on the diagnostics I gave them.  Since it started to work again they asked me to do a couple of tests on the console.  They asked that the next time I find it not working to do a couple of things on the anemometer.  Then if it does not work to call them for further testing.

From my point of view, there are those who have mainly Davis stations with their easily available add-ons or more complete stations with at least the solar sensor on them.
Sometimes it seems like solar values are just one more thing about our weather to measure and record.  Other times it is used to help calculate evaporation losses, so I'm thinking the ag users would be more interested.  Other times it does help estimate hours of sunlight, for growing, solar power generation,and so on.

Me?  I glance at my graph and get a good idea of whether the skies were clear, partly cloudy, what time of day and all that. Just using as my 'sunshine indicator' for which there are other but not integrated devices. 

Hope it helps your awareness.
Please let us know how the test with the little test cable goes, after you receive it.
For Sale/Wanted / Re: For sale - Davis VP2
« Last post by gateway2capecod on Today at 07:54:49 PM »
if anyone buys this and needs a davis weatherlink data logger...I just listed one for sale in same section of forum. see my listing for that.


I have a Davis wireless leaf and Soil moisture Station (model #6345) with 1 temp sensor and 1 soil sensor for Sale. it is for use with a Davis vantage pro2 only.

price for everything is $220.00 or Best offer which includes shipping within USA Only. I do not ship out of USA.

If interested just reply back here

Rainwise Weather Stations / Re: Rainwise WU-PWS?
« Last post by SCCThree on Today at 07:34:26 PM »
Thanks for the advice.  I did contact support and did hear back from Lonnie and he confirmed the same thing you said.  The page for the WU-PWS states that accessories can not be added to the WU version.  I didn't ask that question to Lonnie but perhaps the software on the WU version is slightly crippled.  I was not planning on adding any options but it would be good to know what the exact differences are.  I will see what I can find out and report back.

I am selling another Davis USB Data logger...for use with vantage Vue or vantage pro 2, also comes with 6 foot extension cable, and Weatherlink version 6.0.3 for windows.

asking price is 60.00 which includes shipping anywhere in USA only. I dont ship out of USA..sorry.

MFG Code on this logger is E170110N79  LL

IF Interested just reply back here.

Rainwise Weather Stations / Re: Rainwise WU-PWS?
« Last post by bks97 on Today at 07:17:56 PM »
Hi Sam, I do not have a WU-PWS unit, but I believe it is the same as a MKIII-LR (long range).  Offered at a special price, it is sold directly by RainWise, but the buyer pays shipping.  I think your best bet is to call Lonnie Wright in RainWise sales (800-762-5723) to get any questions you have answered.  Bill
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU Forecast page shows "USA" but not State
« Last post by RIWX on Today at 07:16:59 PM »
Disregard.  Problem remedied.
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