Author Topic: Gulfview Heights Weather weathercam working again  (Read 1078 times)

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Gulfview Heights Weather weathercam working again
« on: November 04, 2017, 06:52:04 AM »
After many false starts with various IP Cameras, I have finally got something working that seems to be a more permanent solution.

Having tried before by using port forwarding through the router, which worked until my ip address changed. Here in Australia, ISPs charge for every little detail, like a static IP is an extra $10 a month etc.

Through reading this forum I realised that Wunderground had a webcam feature (I had signed up to Wunderground when I set my station up in 2008, but largely forgot about it).

Managed to get the FTP working on a TP Link NC450 IP Camera and added the vamera image to my site tonight.

Time will tell if it is a more permanent solution to my past problems.