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Thanks for your reply, johnd.  I checked the transceiver settings in WL and station 1 is set to ISS with all other stations set to Off.

It would be really difficult to bring the ISS indoors, but you make a good point about running a spare cable directly from the ISS to the Envoy over the shortest possible route before actually installing it (which requires crawling under the house, etc.).  I do have some spare Davis cable, connectors, and a crimping tool. 

When you say a fault in the transmitter board, you mean the transmitter board in the new ISS? I ask because there must be a board or some circuits in the Envoy as well and I'm not sure if those ever fail.  Of course, the Envoy is inside the house, mounted on the wall, so it's not exposed to the weather like ISS components.
Apparently, using the data mining technique you've outlined, the fields for location are limited to NEIGHBORHOOD and CITY. Some records contain the state (two-letter abbreviation) within the NEIGHBORHOOD field, and even an occasional street address. No actual positional lat/ long data is provided. Spatial data can be seen; however, only by one click at a time for each listed station.

Out of 1152 stations listed in Maine, only 885 stations list STATION TYPE and SITE,  which looks to possibly mean MANUFACTURER and MODEL.

Wow - nicely done!

I have been thinking about doing the almost exact same thing, but geospatially. The outlined method of harvesting data seems cumbersome, but if my earlier inquiries to WU go unanswered, I'll try it. Just this morning I wrote to WU:

I am requesting a database of PWSs which include at a minimum: PWS location, PWS manufacturer, and model. Having links to their respective weather stations would also be interesting.

I plan on mapping these data to show PWS by manufacturer and subsets of model. 
@galfert - Nicely done!

Davis Instruments Weather Stations / VP2 Transmit Range
« Last post by GregJ on Today at 01:01:19 PM »
I'm not sure if I should share this in Chit Chat or the Davis forum....  It's kind of Davis Chit Chat...  :lol:

A few weeks ago I took my spare Davis VP2 console over to our boat so I could monitor the humidity in it.  I have the default settings in it.  My console immediately picked up somebody's weather station.   I kind of expected this because there are a few Davis stations in the area...  I have no idea where it's coming from. That is kind of nice.  Since I am not doing anything with the data, I think it is ethical.

Earlier this week we ran our boat down to Edmonds, which is about a 2 hour run through the middle of Puget Sound.  To my surprise, on the way home, my console was picking up stations most of the way.  Now this REALLY me away.  Attached is a pic and a red blob at one of the positions I was picking up a signal.  That is approximately 2.5 miles from any shoreline in all directions.  Granted, this is a clear line of site, but that is still a LONG way for an ISS to transmit.  I was VERY impressed.

Thought I'd Share,

Ambient Weather Station / Re: Ambient "nailed it" with the WS-2000!!
« Last post by Sir_MAK on Today at 01:00:22 PM »
Maybe they're marking it up so they can mark it down for BlackFriday/CyberMonday?
Ambient Weather Station / Re: Ambient "nailed it" with the WS-2000!!
« Last post by galfert on Today at 12:55:16 PM »
Exactly one week later today since the WS-2000 huge price jump. The WS-2000 has dropped on Amazon best seller from #38 to #62.  So the question is Ambient, are you making up in increased profit what you have lost in sales? The WS-2902A is still hanging on strong to #4, great price, great value.

Maybe this is caused by the recent US tariffs on China.  But then you would have expected the price to go up on the WS-2902A also and that price didn't change. I'm just trying to make sense of things, but I guess we just don't have enough insight information.

Ambient Weather Station / Re: Ambient database issues
« Last post by galfert on Today at 12:43:52 PM »
Ambient blog update:

- November 16, 2018.

IBM has definitely confirmed the issue is on their end. They are still working on it.

I was curious about what brand you would find in China. So I poked around the map in HK region and elsewhere. Seems like Ambient is everywhere in China. You can tell from the WU station reported software version, as you can't really go by model number because that field is freely able to be changed by the station owner to match anything they want. So it looks like Ambient is the most prevalent brand of the Fine Offset clones.

@galfert - That sounds interesting. Do you happen to know if one could download a database of PWSs which include location, PWS manufacturer, and model?; e.g., from WU?

Yes there is a database. You can't exactly download it. You have to export it from your browser. It's a lot of work. It's a lot of data. It locks up the browser and is therefore difficult to export. At one point I needed help, but recently I've perfected the technique and I've been able to do it myself. Originally I was only able to do one state at a time.

The bad news is that the database is only for the US.

You can read about this and my analysis in the following thread:
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: New Atlas online reporting question
« Last post by nincehelser on Today at 12:23:48 PM »
I assume we have no alternative to the Access unit if we have an Atlas model, correct?

Not unless you build out a Pi with RTL_433 and help with the Atlas decoding.
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