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Attn: users of the xml feed
« on: December 31, 2017, 04:54:20 AM »
@all script-writers / users of

COPIED FROM ANOTHER TOPIC: The discussion there seems to center around the beautiful appearance of the  new v2 website.

In a few months (before June 2018) the xml feed  you are using now will stop when the current v1 account is switched to v2.  And changing the userid to the new v2 one will not help either.

New buyers of a WL-IP which are defaulted to v2, report that the xml there contains only "empty - n/a" data values, no real weather station data is returned.

When you use your xml feed to populate your website with your weather-data, make  sure you have some back-up plan in place.


because the problem is, the xml data feed from the 2.0 data,  does not seem to be working

I think this was discussed upthread (or maybe in a related thread). Requests for an XML response are still recognised by WLC2 but the response doesn't seem to be populated with actual data.

AFAIK the XML interface was only ever unofficial (or maybe provisional or unsupported is a better word), eg it was never included as an official method in the Serial Tech Ref document in the same way Web Download is. So I wouldn't be surprised to see it disappear, but who knows? Don't people use JSON these days anyway, rather than XML?

But somewhere in the WLC2 announcements there's mention of a future feature to allow users to build their own web page presentation, so this will possibly (depending on exactly how it's implemented) need a data feed of some kind, which I guess could be a JSON object. But who knows when that feature might appear - the developers are probably quite busy at present finishing off the initial features, organising the migration, squashing bugs etc  and details like format, frequency, possible cost etc are 100% unclear. So it's probably a feature for WLC2.1 or some such designation and maybe not expected for 6-12 months.

Maybe for sellers of Davis equipment it is not a big deal, maybe neither for people using as their only web-presence.

But there are numerous users who bought a WLIP
1.  to upload to
2. who use that data (xml) to get the weather-data to their site.

WLIP  is far more extensive compared to a Davis USB logger.  But with 1.0 that higher price included the upload and data storage at
Especially in rural areas where it is not easy to have a PC-like device 24/7 doing those upload tasks. In the past I often advised to use a WL-IP as that device gives you multiple upload-paths to the web.  At least 2 different paths: Most owners of a WL-IP I am aware of use another weather-program  and most of those programs  (WD Cumulus a.s.o.) allow the WLIP to continue to upload to also. And 3 different upload-paths when using a MB with a WLIP, it allows the use of one other weather-program concurrently.

I myself use a WL-IP as a WU upload and backup device, although the normal website uploads are done with a MB. Only 1 setting switches immediately the website-data  from to MB and vice-versa.

If Davis is really going to drop the xml feed, the current WLIP + XML users have to find another solution, such as a Meteobridge?

For new users: Buying a WLIP today will give you a nice website where you can have  a "look only to"  view of your data. Nice but useless if you want your own website, f.i. if you want to see yesterdays weather-values such min-max temps, amount of rain. Weatherlink -> does not store yesterdays values. Never did and 6.0.3 is the final release, never will.

Just some calculations for new buyers of a Davis logger who do not "need to have" 2.0:
WLIP 280 versus USB 160 = -/- 120. Davis to "clone" logger another 60 in the pocket?.
Meteobridge DIY costs less than 100, Meteobridge ready made 130
And do you really need that expensive console+logger?  Or is a Meteostick+MB, or Mesteostick-Raspb or MB-Pro-red a better solution?

A lot of "better" (=debatable) choices, so in my opinion, Davis should continue to supply the aggregated weather-values. And it does not matter if it is json or xml, that difference is a 1 or 2 lines in a script change only.
Data in EXCEL type csv format is useless as that is only a list of past weather-measurements every so many minutes, no aggregated data.

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Re: Attn: users of the xml feed
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2017, 01:25:23 PM »
yes, this is a real shame they are dropping this
hopefully they implement a replacement API to get your data

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Re: Attn: users of the xml feed
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2017, 01:26:06 PM »
it is my understanding that they will have a api in place before that date.  However, should they crap out,  I could either keep Weatherdisplay or weathercat running and use those templates .   Or even go as far as to imbed the WLink into a page and go that way, although it is a cheesy way.    In the meantime, I think an email off to Davis net is in order and I'll let you know if I get a response and what it is.
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