Author Topic: Unwarned, Nighttime EF2 Tornado Hits Tulsa - At Least 30 Injured  (Read 2130 times)

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Re: Unwarned, Nighttime EF2 Tornado Hits Tulsa - At Least 30 Injured
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2017, 09:29:36 PM »
Thanks for the links, Bunty.

Reading this story reminds me of what happened to us on March 24th of this year. Had an EF1 pass less than 100 yards from our house at 10:35 pm on a Friday night. Had a bow echo/QLCS moving northeastward at 60MPH create not 1, but 2 tornadoes about 1 mile part, running parallel tracks to each other.  The 2nd tornado was an EF2.  We had a Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for that evening and a Severe Thunderstorm Warning was in effect at the time of the tornadoes. The EF1 was on the ground for 3 minutes, was 200 yards wide and traveled 1.9 miles. The EF2 was on the ground for 1 minute, was 150 yards wide and traveled 1.12 miles. Both tornadoes formed in between radar scans. NWS Little Rock (KLZK) had their WSR-88D running in VCP 12 mode with SAILS/AVSET on at the time, scanning at 2.2 minute intervals, I believe, which I'm sure is what TSA had theirs in, also.

I'm sure folks will scream and holler why weren't the sirens activated, or were under a Tornado Watch, etc., where they really need to count their lucky stars it wasn't any worse. Tornadoes of this type are very difficult to warn for. Plus, I have already read the one comment on this article.  ](*,) ](*,)

To warn for these types for tornadoes is going to take the implementation of the PARS (Phased Array Radar System) radar currently in development.

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