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Old smartphone as ip-cam
« on: May 07, 2017, 12:30:55 PM »
Having an old Sony Xperia Go smartphone lying around did i get the idea about how about get it to an ip cam as it have after all a resonable camera. Also needed stuffs like wifi would be there allready. The reason was that those "cheap" (~100) ip cams have so darn low resolutions. Sure, there are the 8MP Raspberry camera but those Raspberry cams have the focus hardcoded to "infinity".

As it would be remotely located was there a couple of "issues" to resolve:
- Autoboot when power are set on - Google is your friend here.  In my case was it possible by modifying one systemfile, this depends on the phone. In my case did i replace the /system/bin/chargemon with a reboot-command - root needed at least in my case.
- Autoshutdown when power wents off - App called Auto Sleep solved this

As ip-cam-software an app called "IP Webcam". This do the phone to a normal ip-cam what can be accessed from outside by browser just like whatever ip-cam. It supports also taking snapshots by calling an url and such things.