Author Topic: No WU component under <File>, Weatherlink 6.03-Davis WeatherLink IP (6555)  (Read 436 times)

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Hi folks:)

For unpleasant reasons, I had to reinstall the Weatherlink program to my PC.
Everything during installation went smoothly. I set up parameters for the communication line between console and pc. I receive data and later save in my computer.

Then the time came when I would set up the communication for sending my host information to WU. I use Weather-link 6.03 with the Wunderground module V1.15 PWS Dec27-2007, and think this should be the most recently available versions. Under File in Weatherlink, enter Module management sets the module, enabler it, restarts program.

Nevertheless, under the <File> option, I should now see the module with add-on to Wunderground, but it does not appear?

How to start and troubleshoot here?