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Hi Ken,

Is the Advisory section related to the V5.00 beta forecast code?  Since downloading the Sept 22 2017 version from your site per your sce=view link above, when clicking on any of the warning or advisory links on the page, I'm getting a yellow like of text saying, "A valid location ID code is required"

I'm assuming I missed something

Thanks muchly, Ken.  I was a day early on my version of the script.  At first blush, it is working as advertised.


Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: Davis WeatherLink IP
« Last post by Bushman on Today at 06:20:42 PM »
There are plenty of apps that will read data files OTHER than  And at a greater frequency than 15 minutes.
Hi Chris,
The Averages and Extremes should automatically show if they are available for your selected forecast site.
Make sure you are running V5.00 - 22-Sep-2017 version. 
download from:
WeatherUnderground / Re: personal air pollution sensor
« Last post by eliteweathernz on Today at 05:51:35 PM »
Hi guys,

Weather Display Software is intergrated with the Purple Air Sensor and data can be displayed.

Depending on the software your using you may have limitations.

Im sure in time Purple Air will work towards some form of app or other intergration for weather buffs to add data to there website.

Data can be downloaded in JSON format from the website if you know your sensor Id.
CWOP Forum / Re: Time to quit sending data
« Last post by CW2274 on Today at 05:49:52 PM »
IMHO, MesoWest QC is little better than MADIS or CWOP QC.
Concur. Not only, the gene pool is much smaller with Meso and the overall data quality of PWS's posting there is certainly better when compared to the gazillion of WU stations.
Other Weather Station Hardware / Re: Air Quality Sensors
« Last post by eliteweathernz on Today at 05:46:45 PM »
They are very useful sensors and a fraction of the cost of expensive air quality sensor sensors equipment.

Im also working on having these run totally standalone, no need for mains power or local internet connection.

Brilliant for local environment councils and other industries.

Be great to hear more feedback.
Hey Ken,

Been away for a while and just noticed this beta.  Have it installed and all seems to be working.  I like the new warnings and alerts display.  But...  how do you turn on the Averages and Extremes and where does the data come from?  Running Meteobridge here is that's the sticking point.

Does anybody know if the other method (the one in which WU retrieves the image from an URL) is working?

The URL method is working most of the time for me, but ftp still not working (my logs all show no upload problems).

Very frustrating.
I just installed the usb hub, so we will see.  The login via the internet link (for meteobrodge) still doesn't work though, which isn't a huge deal, but it makes me wonder if the hub will fix my issues.
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