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I know that but I want to see from my weatherflow station the lightning’s.

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Custom Website Templates / Re: Weatherflow Weather34 template available
« Last post by Toxic on Today at 04:40:04 AM »
Very nice. From your experience is it possible to have a map with lightning’s like Blitzortung have?

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you can add one of the graphs from lightningmaps to your pws site.

like here on my test site: 

my bo site is here:

just grab a URL from one of your images and then add it to a new popup.

WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: Weatherlink Mobile not updating
« Last post by johnd on Today at 04:30:48 AM »
With the new weatherlink 2.0 app, will the current data refresh automatically every minute or would I need to "manually" refresh it?

I don't know, but wouldn't particularly expect it to be any different from the standard browser presentation, which - in WLC1 at least - is set to refresh itself every 5 minutes. The weather doesn't really change much from one minute to the next so what's the point in it refreshing more often? Just adds to server load for no good purpose AFAICS. If you could refresh every 2.5 secs then it would be a different matter because then you could see individual wind gusts - if that mattered to you.

But the maximum upload frequency to WLC is every minute, so live wind data is not possible, hence there's little practical difference between 1 and 5 minute updates (though you can of course refresh manually and override the 5-minute auto-refresh if you wish to see a more frequent update).
Ambient Weather Station / Re: Need Help Please
« Last post by Dreamflight767 on Today at 02:03:38 AM »
Wow.  Thank you dupreezd!  Very kind and helpful.
If electric goes out and you lose your internet connection, how does the data get from the weather station to the web site?

Personally I hate to count on 3rd party services for my data. I want to collect my own data, save it and display it as I want. I've been burned a number of times when 3rd party services have shut down or been sold and the service has been discontinued. We already have seen the problems with services like Bloomsky and Weather Underground. Not that I have an issue with WF, just that you never know what will happen 1 or 5 years from now.

Good morning

That depends on how the electric disappears, if it is a district wide then internet is completely gone if it is a neighborhood problem generally the internet distribution neighborhood hub  is unaffected as it is I think connected to commercial industrial UPS.  The home ups is connected to the meteobridge and router plus the console the meteobridge continues to record and collect data as per normal in both scenarios so the max min values etc are still recorded . My home ups are just relatively small 650va (meteobridge,router,console)and a 1000va (desktop and electric kettle:-) ) type .Failing all that I used to switch it over to my old iPhone and use that for internet via 3g but these days I just accept if the internet is down then there is little I can do about it.

Has for cloud based storage I never even use it for anything , often services like google is blocked for days or weeks and other services just disappear at times for numerous reasons ,you learn not to use or rely on cloud services here. These blockages just happen with no warning.

However I see your point on correlating data for personal use locally via computer ,I don’t use a any cloud or depend on them.then I also don’t specifically collect data for analysis or personal historical use. I guess I just use the weather station for real-time info . Please don’t misunderstand we have that saying each to there own and what suits one doesn’t not always suit the other .

Cloud services and alike are generally free and I think anyone with any past experiences of disruption from them shouldn’t be relying on them. You get what you pay for and in these cases your not paying nothing but when they go down it’s easy to see how people vent their frustrations however if you use a paid service then I fully understand the venting .

Anyway it’s good to see that weatherflow have there own forum now so looking forward to all the improvements and knowledge..

Custom Website Templates / Re: Cumulus MX issue
« Last post by saratogaWX on Yesterday at 11:29:55 PM »
You'll need to ask that question on the Cumulus forum as it is a problem with your CumulusMX installation, not a template issue.
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: Weatherlink Mobile not updating
« Last post by jgentry on Yesterday at 11:14:08 PM »
With the new weatherlink 2.0 app, will the current data refresh automatically every minute or would I need to "manually" refresh it?
Weather Web Resources / Re: NOAA WEATHER RADIO
« Last post by ed2kayak on Yesterday at 10:37:18 PM »
Very nice implementation of Quality Tools Motioning website. I just looked at my stream live.

Your team deserves a lot of credit for this project.

On a side note I've been using Pira CZ silence detector, a previously suggested monitoring tool for about 5 weeks. It looks to be a useful tool.


 :arrow: For Saturday - December 16, 2017  :!:

AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: AcuRite Access??
« Last post by CW2274 on Yesterday at 09:38:19 PM »
...My elevation is on "0" - Should this be changed?

that would mean the elevation of the barometer sensor would be 15' to 20' higher than what the address would show. I know that is probably only a hundredth or two on the adjusted pressure
Yes, 10 ft of elevation is equivalent to 0.01 inches of Hg., at least for the altimeter. 
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