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WS-2902 Data Collection
« on: March 05, 2018, 10:33:12 AM »
Hello, New to this forum.

I've been collecting data from my WS-2080 for about four years now.  I directly pull it from the memory of the display unit.  Well, it seems that the display unit stopped working recently.  I only get a valid data point each time I power cycle the display.

Anyway.  I decided to pick up a WS-2902 and an ObserverIP.  From what I've googled the best way to get the data is to have ObserverIP set to WS-1600-IP and point to a local server rather than Wunderground.  I have downloaded the 4.2.1 firmware so I can log into it and set this up w/o messing around with another router.

Does this seem to be the way to go for this station?  I haven't found a way to directly pull data from the console.