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Will this fit in an Envoy?
There is an option to connect external power 4-12 v, but you need to switch fuse on the bottom of module. Take out fuse for internal power, place fuse for external power.
Simple and easy, but soldering iron is needed.
For batteries there will be special function which will power off wifi module and turn on after set time to upload data.
example: 30 min sleeping 8 seconds to upload data, then 30 min sleeping.
Batteries should work for a month in this system, but the truth is that the power supply is needed for proper working of this module.
Energy consumption is not different from the original IP Logger.
There is no miracle, WiFi is energy intensive.
As for Weatherlink and Cumulus it works fine with both software but if you have the Rapid Fire option enabled you won't get consistent downloads at your selected interval. You also won't get live data with those software with Rapid Fire enabled. It can't do both at the same time. But the logger comes with a live interface so you really don't need to run the software continuously. It will work but you just need to stagger the uploads.  Send data to the websites at say 12:00 PM and set your software download for 12:05 or any time when it's not uploading data.
The logger also has the same data capacity of the Davis logger. I have been updating WL and Cumulus about every 2 weeks with a 10 minute interval.
I believe in the firmware for the first release there will be a "disable all" button so you can download the data to the software with out having  to disable each website individually if you choose to do that.
I have also had a couple internet outages and once wifi is available is reconnects automatically.
It would be really cool if it had AC capability directly instead of it being fed by the internal batteries :)

This is pretty awesome nonetheless!!

When the console is plugged in, the WiFiLogger does not appear to feed off the batteries.  From a power management prospective I am certain it works no different than an OEM data logger from Davis and how it obtains its power to run.
It would be really cool if it had AC capability directly instead of it being fed by the internal batteries :)

This is pretty awesome nonetheless!!
I was one of the lucky beta testers too.
Ya'll are really going to like this.
Couple things.
Power Consumption. It does use the juice but not as much as I thought. I am uploading to 4 sites. One at 10 minutes, 9 minutes, 1 minute, and WU Rapid Fire at 3 seconds. The batteries lasted
for 4 days and 15 hours. It got down to 3.45 this morning so I plugged it back in. So continuous use
of DC power isn't a long term option at this point. But, all I need it for is the occasional lightning storm so I don't think it will be an issue with me.
Tech Corner / Re: Am I looking for something that doesn't exist?
« Last post by WeatherHost on Today at 05:33:19 PM »
Well, it's functioning.  Cycling on at Dawn and off at Dusk.  Not sure how much it will do as far as extending the battery life before I have to change batteries and put one on a regular charger.  Hopefully I won't have to do that any more.

The new Solar Controller has a time on/off function but it's Dusk to Dawn based like everything else.

Rainwise Weather Stations / Rainwise WU-PWS?
« Last post by SCCThree on Today at 05:02:27 PM »

I have finally decided to pull the trigger on a good weather station for my house after several years of being on the fence.  I noticed the Rainwise and wunderground have partnered up to offer a package deal preconfigured to log to wunderground.  I am having a difficult time figuring out any detail on this special model WU-PWS.  I am kinda assuming it is some form of the MKIII without the ability to add extra sensors which I don't think I'll need. 

I am trying to see if anyone here has an opinion on the unit and can give me any further info.  I am also trying to determine what its wireless range might be.  Any information would be appreciated!


Here is the URL for the unit:
I hit the search function and didn't get any hits on WU-PWS before I started this thread.
OK, after 9 years and 9 months looks like I have an issue with my VP2; no wind speed or direction being recorded.  Cups and vane are moving.  I think I should quit boasting about Davis products ;)
A few weeks ago I had noticed that there were prolonged periods of no wind recorded during nighttime (not all night, just long periods) but daytime seemed ok.  Now no wind recordings at all.  Possibly the reed switch?

Or possibly the wiring between the anemometer and the ISS, or the connection at the ISS.  You haven't described the installation. 

Davis will (on request) send you an "anemometer test cable" that would let you diagnose the problem.

On the other hand, it sounds like you want to buy a new VP2, regardless.

New ISS on the way, I think.
BUT it has come back to life after nearly 4 days of no recording

@Dale I will follow up on that anemometer test cable and will then know better if the old ISS still has some useful value.  Thank you.

Will enjoy the PRO 24Fars,
Easy communication settings for sending out data...
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