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Weather Display / Re: Cannot start WD
« Last post by Bashy on Today at 03:07:48 AM »
All system restores failed, so I ended up having to do a fresh install of WD and go from there,now thinking about it, I now think that even though the webcam image looked OK as a thumbnail, hindsight I should have tried to open them.

Hey ho, it's working again....
Weather Display / (Now working) Cannot start WD
« Last post by Bashy on Today at 01:42:54 AM »
Hi folks

I turned on the weather PC monitors at 5am, yep, all looks good at a quick glance
come 5:45 something aint right, i cannot log into the weather PC remotely, so i goes
to the computer and noticed it had crashed at 4:45 #-o it was as though it froze up
no mouse, no movement from WD, just froze, so, i hard reset the pc, once it was back
WD will not start, some exception or another, i forget now, but its similar if not the same
as the notice when theres a corrupt image, but, there is no corrupt image, checked the
lot, I have tried restoring the .reg and .ini from the WD backup files. nope, nothing, tried
reinstalling from the latest full exe. nope, still will not start, B81 starts though.

The exception occurs at the graphing point in the startup procedure, i cannot give a screen
shot as yet due to trying a system restore now, tried a restore to 3 days ago but that failed
so not going back to the 19th, if this fails, im out of options

screen shot now added, both system restores failed due to some windows app issue :(
Custom Website Templates / Re: Meteotemplate - new free website template
« Last post by Bashy on Today at 12:48:40 AM »
I know the IP, but I dont want to post it here in case they do a Google search and find this thread. For now, just make sure you follow the instructions in the Blog. As far as I can see, it looks like the 3 people might not follow one of the crucial instructions in the wiki, so hopefully this should not affect others, but I would still do what I posted in the Blog.

Thanks, i go it, Looks like they have been reported for WP hacking too a couple of days ago
Could you elaborate please,

it looks like the 3 people might not follow one of the crucial instructions in the wiki

i.e. which one in case many of us (namely me) may not have done also..?

I have all my sites and the 4 other clients auto backed up to PC here at home, nightly, i think i have it
set to 1 weeks worth, plus 1 monthly, i also have it duplicated on to a backup drive but in the same PC
so hopefully im covered for any eventuality not just the MT situ'

Hi Brian,
Hope I haven't jinxed it, but you've got it updating every 30 seconds now.  Did you change something?
Your settings1.php is a little different than mine but I don't have the latest version installed yet.  But nothing in yours that I could detect.  Your path to realtime.txt is correct.

So lets keep fingers crossed...

Weather Web Resources / Re: NOAA WEATHER RADIO
« Last post by saratogaWX on Yesterday at 11:48:18 PM »
Thanks to Clifton Weather(satcop)/Lincoln Weather(gwwilik)/Echo Valley Weather(sacreyweather) for their pioneering efforts to have a great looking stream player for the streams, I've put together a modified version that has both standalone and Saratoga template versions.

You can see it operating on my site at

The script set is available at

It uses one master-file that is cached hourly from to drive the entire page, including generation of the dropdown selection box for available radio streams.  The distribution .zip files contain the scripts and images.  Customization details are on the scripts page above (and in comments on the main radios.php/wxradio.php scripts themselves).

Consoles suck.  IMO.  I use a cheap tablet instead.  Full colour, touchscreen etc.
Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: Hub question
« Last post by Bushman on Yesterday at 11:46:43 PM »
I use an unpowered hub.  Had to try three before I got one that worked reliably.  Chipset differences I guess?
Sending it to you now via email.
AcuRite Weather Stations / MyAcuRite is current but WU offline for 3 days now
« Last post by hdtvluvr on Yesterday at 10:44:16 PM »
When I visit WU, it says:
This PWS is not reporting
Last updated: 6/25/2017, 7:13:46 PM,
3 days ago

In MyAcuRite, I stopped sharing and deleted the station.  I them reenabled sharing and added my sensor.  Still not uploading to WU.

What am I doing wrong?
Hi Brian,
I am not an expert on how Homeweather works but for Cumulus source it uses the Cumulus realtime.txt file for the current station condition data which in your case is being uploaded by Cumulus every 30 seconds so your pws page should be updating at that interval, at least that is how mine works.

The information in the Forecast and Current Conditions boxes come from WU so not affected by Cumulus updates.
Would you mind sending me your settings1.php file that you have on your webserver? and I will compare to my settings1.php.  You can email.


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