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Cumulus / Re: Cumulus in lieu of Weather Link
« Last post by mcrossley on Today at 03:35:06 AM »
I *think* the driver for the Belfry logger is built into windows. Cumulus has a "set logger" utility that you will need of you don't have WL - used to set the logging interval on the console.
Forum Announcements / Re: 11 year anniversary for
« Last post by DanS on Today at 03:32:35 AM »
Some of us around here are growing old here.   :lol:

but don't need to be reminded Mark. ;)
Weather Web Cams / Easiest way to stream an ip cam from a weather
« Last post by Clozzzer on Today at 01:30:38 AM »
Hello, trying to run 3 weather stations around my community and then run ip cam's from each one. Is there a good way to get temp and other data integrated on the cam output?  Don't want to have a computer At each location, just a internet connection.
Today the iPhone app showed .62" of rain.  This evening is changed to .12" some time this evening. The WU web site showed the correct .62" What's going on?
Forum Announcements / Re: 11 year anniversary for
« Last post by Mark / Ohio on Today at 12:14:20 AM »
Some of us around here are growing old here.   :lol:
new updated from the professional Fine Offset weather suppliers around the world that includes air quality sensors which now we can not just recording weather status but also the amount of Air Quality surrounding our home, this may help us hobbyist to monitor our Air if it is polluted without relying on our National AQI reports which may not exact to our location since Air quality changes based on your EXACT location. Hope our WX Script Developers here update the realtime files so that we can add to our WX pages online. Actually I ordered this already and to be recieve in 2 weeks time   :idea:

I already ordered this in fine offset a WS1000 which is the main supplier soure of Ambient weather in China has a New updated Model of this weather station with PM2.5/PM10 Air Quality sensor. Now I need help to update its realtime.txt so that the AQI digits will also included to the realtime.txt file, Hope it updated. Thank You
Can you comment on the temperature accuracy as compared with the ws-1400?  The osprey at $120 looks like a steal, especially if they are migrating towards replacing the 1400 outdoor unit with the 1600/osprey.  I've always had abnormal temp spikes in the sun with my 1400 (as most on this forum are aware of :)

Thus far NO temp spikes and this unit is out in the direct Texas sun with NO trees or structures to shade or moderate the temps.  It is tracking within a fraction of degree of the CWOPs analysis curve, so I am happy.  I am still tweeting the calibration settings to nail it like I had on the older unit. 

I will post more as I gain more experience with the unit.

Wow that's great. I have major issues between 4 PM and 6 PM when the sun comes in at a horizontal angle to the radiation shield on the 1400.  It's a solid 5 or so degrees above other stations. I'll keep an eye on the osprey. Certainly keep us posted!
Forum Announcements / Re: 11 year anniversary for
« Last post by PaulMy on Yesterday at 10:31:14 PM »
Some very familiar names in the first 50 list and many of those were extremely helpful and kind when I first got my station in 2008 and then when I ventured with uploading and website =D>

Also nice to see that while some may not be very active anymore they still do visit the forum.

Thank you Ken and the others that decided to salvage and then grow this great place for information, friendship, and some fun times...
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: cannot modify header <--- help
« Last post by pimohdaimaoh on Yesterday at 10:29:46 PM »
Hello guys specially to Sir Ken

How to fix this error that suddenly appeared (see below message), before the site is ok for 4 months and this month, this error appeared, can you help to get rid of this error? since I checked all the scripts and I dont see any wrong. you can check the site Thank You.

"Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /storage/ssd5/169/1132169/public_html/top.php:1) in /storage/ssd5/169/1132169/public_html/top.php on line 40"
There are excellent debugging tools in the saratoga template. To check the  scripts, version, a.s.o.
When checking the structure of the scripts with
You can see that there are two empty lines before the < ? p h p  at line 3
Those are interpreted as html and sent to the browser including the default headers.
But at line 40 the real headers should be sent => that results in the warning message.

As you mention this script is not modified in the last 4 months, the only conclusion is that error messaging is switched on by the provider.


Oh Thanks for your detailed explanation about this, well I cant understand how it was created the Missing before line 3 in header  , eversince im avoiding missing specially in headers because Im experiencing that before to my cloudbase scripts.

Yes, as I put a message on my meain page that the realdata sending from my sensors (including my seismometr) is temporary disabled, because Im transfering to my now location in Mindanao area and up to now no setup is done because my new developing house is not yet completed, no internet lines are installed yet because of some problems between the right of way by the owner of the land and to my internet provider, im working this as fast as possible.

thank you again for this, as soon I reinstated everything, I will take that error script to fix.

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