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Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: Curly's Wx Story script
« Last post by tmabell on Today at 10:42:45 AM »
I hope what I found helps someone eventually.  I will say that I am not skilled enough in php to be able to explain why most every site worked but a few, even after the fixes by RRRICK8 but they didn't.  ("Northern Indiana" is the one I was focused on.)  I was able to prove that the image was being retrieved but that the script wasn't processing it.  I learned that by replacing

Code: [Select]
$imgName   = '';

with this

Code: [Select]
$imgName   = array();

that the KIWX image suddenly began displaying correctly.  Why other sites worked before I don't know but I'd like to learn about it.  The wild card here is that I am using PHP 7.2.  There are a number of changes that affect our scripts in that version.

As providers begin to sign up, please note that the information
you place in the form must match the data we have on file...
...critically, the URL for your stream access,...
that must match exactly the data already on file.

The request process is automated, and will work smoothly if your request 'self-validates'

Also note that this process requires the use of the 'request' form, and we cannot generally correct, modify, or add other than through that tool. Use that form specifically for any communication related to the QRA suite, simply fill out appropriate information, leave any of the 'subscription' boxes un-ticked, and enter your message.

For any changes to your STREAM Info,  to Add a stream, ANY query Un-related to QRA, etc,
use the "Submit Stream" or "Contact NWROrg" buttons on the website

Also, ensure your email provider/client does not block email from us...
"Save A Life"
WeatherUnderground / Re: Wunderground map page not responding
« Last post by aulen2002 on Today at 10:28:19 AM »
Have had this occurrence for over a year - the page seems to "time out" when left open and needs to be refreshed.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: AcuRite Access??
« Last post by Glenn on Today at 10:04:00 AM »
I may give this a shot if I can get on the pre-buy list. My current hub for my CT station has dropped twice yesterday and once last weekend. I can't figure out the reason. It does this from time to time, then it's fine for weeks, then it'll happen again out of the blue. Hoping the newer unit will yield a stronger connection.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: AcuRite Access??
« Last post by daman on Today at 09:32:46 AM »
I wonder why they didn't opt for a external antenna on the access? You would think reception would be greatly improved with that set up.
/// the new meters were installed by NVEnergy
Betcha they're smart meters / demand conservation.... 2 neighbors my location installed 'em... had to drop my gains 20-40% both red and blue especially for SW direction. Depends on weather conditions.... worse when they want AC on... these may or may not, depending, drive into interference... but sure generate a heck of a lot of 'near M' ... doesn't bother E field that much.
Other Weather Software / Display xtraTemp1 in Saratoga Templates
« Last post by lobsterman on Today at 09:24:57 AM »
I have a seawater temp input from a second temp sensor transmitted from a wireless Davis 6332. How do I pick up that value to display it in the Saratoga Templates? The uploading device is a Meteobridge. The MB Live Data displays it as Outdoor temp #1.

I imagine I have to insert it in the HTTP upload to conds.php (like [th0temp-act]), but what is the format for the extraTemp1? Then I imagine I also have to modify the genMBtags.php file too, yes?

Couldn't find a tutorial on this and would appreciate pointers if such exist.
WeatherUnderground / Re: Wunderground map page not responding
« Last post by jackman on Today at 08:53:40 AM »
It's working fine on my Win7 PC using Chrome.
I'm going to keep it at API level for now it is far easier in general for the end user to use . I will also have it using the websocket method this is far friendlier (for me at the moment) for displaying dynamically changing content i.e our weather station data and I have relatively good success with this during the last few days . UDP Im very uneducated and absolutely no  knowledge of UDP on how it communicates to a hosted server on the world wide web , I understand the local router point and use of port 50222 perhaps I could just use dd-wrt based router and redirect the content ?

if you understand how does UDP interact with a hosted server ? .  I can see how software can easily use this but Ive yet to understand how to get a hosted server.

im all ears and willing to learn


CoCoRaHS / Re: down?
« Last post by miraculon on Today at 08:49:43 AM »
Hi Greg,

I am able to get in into here at work and on my phone.


Thanks, John. I just tried again and it is working now.

Greg H.

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